Trust Me I'm An Expert.

I lived out in Florida for a bit and the the bloody things were everywhere, even on the housing estates. Best piece of advice i can give is leave the fuckers alone, they are Alligators FFS.
Same here, although I didn't live near anywhere particularly swampy there were times when you'd just be driving down the road and one of them would be laying in the sun on the verge.
Even once, laying in the middle of the road. And the traffic goes AROUND them!
Just leave them alone until they want to move!

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I worked in Florida for about a year..........Tampa / ST Petersburg. We had a smallish one, 4 ft or so used to come round the back of the warehouse , we fed it Twinkies , it liked them..........
I live in Florida and there are wallygators everywhere - pic below was taken in the apartment complex as we were moving in (pardon the lack of quality - was taken through the blinds on my Blackberry before she disappeared) IMG00024-20110617-1705.jpg
We'd driven down the road about a half hour earlier and just missed hitting a wild turkey crossing the road. On the way back, this fella was heading in the same direction.
Florida 093.jpg
We may not know why the chicken crossed the road, but can hazard a guess at why the turkey did!
He seems to have made a large number of successful captures but had a bit of bad luck on this one. I guess you're only as 'expert' as your last job.

I still prefer it to, "trust me, I know fuck all about it but still have strong opinions on it".

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