Trundle along to Germany.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Nov 23, 2002.

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  1. Sam_Fisher

    Sam_Fisher Old-Salt

    Can anyone confirm that a certain WO2 has been posted back to Germany in the new year, having been languishing outside the corps for a couple of years. Naughty boy.......
  2. RealityCheck

    RealityCheck Swinger

    Buzz is as RQ (A) 1. Not sure where he has been hiding, someone said he was at SAAvn ???
  3. HelManx

    HelManx Old-Salt

    Perhaps it's because he knows whose arses to lick.
  4. Muttley

    Muttley War Hero

    Just shows what a good job MCM are doing!

    :eek: ;) :eek:
  5. Sam_Fisher

    Sam_Fisher Old-Salt

    I also heard that when he was with the QRL he gor knocked out by the RQMS
  6. Think it was QRH -  Whats this about the RQ there then?
  7. Lock up your Airtrooper - ess's or he'll br trundling up there too!!!!!!!

    He must love it there to want to get back.  He must need the LOA to pay for his Viagra!  Meaow!!!!!!!!!!  

    And whats wrong with lickin arses?  My sylvester can do it and doesn't even flinch.  Breath stinks though  
  8. HelManx

    HelManx Old-Salt


    I presume there is nowt wrong with lickin arses if it gets you what you want.
    Just p*sses other people of though.

    After all he's not the first person to do it and get what he wants and he wont be the last either.
  9. ghostbuster

    ghostbuster Guest

    i've heard that after the sterling job he did in DAAvn he just sorted his own post out. Isn't he off back out there in the New year.
  10. sezaziz

    sezaziz Crow

    Hey bigglesworth, greetz. Ref the new RQD2 he sure will know about accounting for furniture....after all he used chair wooden to climb through windows for secret accounting checks..ooh bitch
  11. ghostbuster

    ghostbuster Guest

    No doubt he'll be applying for a commision next year aswell. After feathering his nest at Wallop he will be in all the good books! ???
  12. sezaziz

    sezaziz Crow

    Yeah he will be the fob comd for some poor blokes...u know it will happen
  13. Muttley

    Muttley War Hero

    This reminds me so much of Danny Walker syndrome!

    Give him a good CR and get himposted quick!

    ;D ;) ;D
  14. Whats wrong with DW then?

    There was an MT SGT in 664 similar thing happened to him name rhymed with 'Sh*t talker'
  15. ghostbuster

    ghostbuster Guest

    Knowing him, he will probably already have his pips in his desk draw, or his mess kit on order! 1 Regt you are welcome to the bloke  :-/