Trumpton at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one_flew_over, May 11, 2004.

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    I think the gripe this time is that they don't want to be made to train or do preventative work on night shift. They actually want to be paid to sleep, pending a 999 call? If on nights when else do the train? Me thinks they want to kip all night to be less tired for the day job??
  2. Never more of a truer word stated in jest!

    Bloody Gilchrist smells the chance to put the Government under the cosh due to overstretch of the Military. Pure opportunist tw*t.

    As for the Firemen, good god, the rest of us have to work mate. What's up, you scared to? :evil:
  3. I wonder (rhetorically) if, this time round, the Dear Leader will have the balls to introduce legislation preventing Trumpton from going on strike, like the police and the armed forces.
  4. Take it that claims "he was out on his ear" were incorrect then... :roll:
  5. If they can't sleep at night how are they going to be able to have an intelligent conversation with the punter in the back of the cab, let alone drive it safely...
  6. Because they recognise a good deal when they see one! :twisted:
  7. Is that 40 different applicants or the same one for days and nights now you can go home for a kip!
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Can't believe that these people really think they are going to get any public support coming out on strike again. Perhaps some of the ex-mil ARRSE readers who are firemen can give us a view from the shop floor as to what the 'brothers' really think.
  9. Heard all this trite B*****ks during the last dispute from you macho gun toting cowboys. If you opened your eyes and ears a little more than your mouths and stopped believing Murdoch and Blair ( how truthful was he when he sent the mil into Iraq to kill and die ?) , you might actually learn something. I know this post is going to be like rattling the bars of a monkeys cage so I eagerly await the howls and screams of the morally outraged monkeys out there
  10. Well I hope they do post on here....... it made them look really greedy and twisted last time. Last time they put forward arguments that their job was 'dangerous', they spent too much time away from home missing their families and that they were under-paid. I mean, trying to tell a bunch of squaddies that they are hard done by!.... every 'argument' they had was shot down. They were beginning to loose public support last time and if they strike again they will start with little this time.
    You'd think they'd know when to shut up and lie still huh?
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    There are some quality coments on the bbc link

    The one time the government shows any backbone they get berated for it - that said the FBU didn't like being told to stop being silly and sit in the corner.

    Considering his track record thats a little hypocrytical methinks.

    Would this be the same modernisation plan that saw the FBU membership striking so as to preserve their 1940's working practices? Knob.
  12. The reserve firemen's union ( made good reading last time. It showed how farcical most of the FBU's arguements were. If anybody sounds like the monkey in a cage it's Tenorplayer - playing Gilchrist's tune right to the end. :evil:
  13. Well unless you've changed your arguments from last time there's no point you 'rattling' anyone's cage. You still get a good wage for a 4 shift week, you still get time to do a second job, you still get more time with your family than the average squad and if you didn't have every fire wally in the country on the same wage, what you'd save out in the sticks would provide the fire people in the cities with a bonus to keep them in jellied eels.

    Now make sure you have a fire bucket next time you get close to the brasier on the picket ;-)
  14. Mike mcc... Your post shows your lack of knowledge. If you had the slightest idea what you were bleating about you would know that RFU stands for RETAINED not RESERVE. But hey... I can`t expect you to be too bright ! Need more enlightenment ? just post again !