TRUMPING - wow.... parental pride!

Pomps MKII has today discovered a new tallent!!!!!
He has managed a personal best of 87 farts back to back, starting as we left the restraunt... I mean he's only 7 and its all noise, ..... rude rasping trumps, good timing and great tone!
Frau is disgusted at my being so impressed and that MKII is now trying to beat the record :)
Wait for the follow through when tries for the fart too far.

It'll end in tears, our tears of laughter with any luck.
There's nothing quite like the pride of watching your weeks old baby slowly lift it's little leg into the air and the look of sheer delight cross its face as a fart escapes with a rather wet 'pop' is there?

Mozel Tov Pomps MKII!

Beebs x
Due to the fact that Mrs ASS has a bin lid the ASSmeister is now encountering all these parental joys.

ASS (step) Junior is now dropping bombs at lesuire, even offering a finger for me to pull should he anticipate the movement early enough :D

Mrs ASS is horrified, and continues to ask "whatever did the army do to you??"

We crossed the line earlier in the week however, during a playfight i promptly sat on him and guffed on his forehead.

Q horror from Mrs ASS and near vomiting from step ASS :lol:

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