Trump moves to ban bump stocks

AR15`s are not very accurate at all , only the custom shop ones shoot very well
Well again I'm going to have to disagree, below is a target with a five round group shot from 225 yards with an AR-15 .223 Wylde with bog standard manufactured barrel. Apologies for the oil stains on it, it's been sat on my cleaning bench for a wee while.

No they don't need a driver in some situations and locations already in the US.

If you don't think it's going to happen, the car makers are already bringing standard road cars closer to driverless.

While the transition to autonomous vehicles will be slow, the very technology that drives these vehicles may already be in your car. Mercedes and Audi recently unveiled Traffic Jam Assist, which adds automatic steering to their adaptive cruise control. This lets the car drive itself at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Cadillac is developing Super Cruise, a technology that allows the car to deal with the gas, braking, and steering. Experts predict that we could see fully autonomous vehicles on the road within 10 years.

And when do you believe this totally driverless, accident nirvana will come to pass?
Fully auto weapons (legally-owned ones, that is) are registered and strictly controlled in US, as has been stated many times. Spree shootings are typically carried out with commonly-available (in US) semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols
So tight regulation of certain classes of weapon prevents them being used by spree killers?
Stop being obtuse.
The argument put was only allow bolt action hunting rifles with a 3-5 round magazine.
Charles Whitman used a Remington 700 bolt action hunting rifle with a 3 shot magazine
Not being obtuse at all, you have your numbers wrong......the body count you used is not all from the Remington, sorry, but you give incorrect facts, not sure if by ignorance or you just twist the truth.
You were implying that because of UK legislation, gun massacres had not happened.. my point was that the law has not stopped illegal use of semiauto weapons, and that they are still used by criminals in the UK. I make no distinction between terrorists and criminals, and shooting folk with firearms has always been illegal in most cases...

Nutters who want to kill/maim people will always find ways to do it.. bombs/vehicles/acid/poison/BFO knives - yer still dead or maimed regardless of the means... The only effective means of control is through the perpetrator and not the means, or the context..

The real issue here is we have not got the balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of the rest of society correct. In my book you do not get the right until and unless you demonstrate the responsibility that goes with the right.. and take the consequence if you make the wrong decision. Far far too often the western legal system is more interested in polishing its liberal credentials, and spending other folks money than keeping an orderly society.

..might I suggest that a comparison with the cost and damage caused as a result of failure of the courts and parole system to deal with repeat offenders with the number of individuals going postal with guns may be interesting..?

Enough with your logic, ban the thing, not the nutter.

What’s that, Ryan, Hamilton and Bird were all on the local and Police radars as potential problems or nutters?
There seems to be a trend here with spree shooters world wide.
The AR platform isn't only offered in .223/5.56 and I'd hardly call the .308 or the 6.5 Grendel or the 6.8 SPC which fires a .277 (270) round "relatively low power round options". I have a 6.5 Grendel which I regularly shoot out to a 1,000 yards during competition.

Also no one is allowed to use a twenty rnd magazine when hunting, the max a magazine may hold is 5 rnds.

That's your opinion and you are more than entitled to it, however I'll disagree when I say that I have hunted Deer, Coyotes, and Wild Pigs using the AR platform rifle with much success and I am far from being any kind of idiot.
You mean the AR10 then , not the AR15 which I was talking about , which ever you dont need a semi auto to hunt , it really is that simple.
Whoops, premie, age thing!

Meerkats, you know exactly what my point is but you’re being deliberately obtuse. It’s your people’s children getting killed mate, crack on
Not being obtuse at all, you have your numbers wrong......the body count you used is not all from the Remington, sorry, but you give incorrect facts, not sure if by ignorance or you just twist the truth.
He's making a valiant effort to be crowned SPOTY 2018.

He can't even stop trolling in CA.
Ok safety scissors have been around for a long time, I know I used them in infant school. Your point is?
Still no link to you kids safety steak knives or an answer as to why a steak knife needs a point to slice a steak.

Safety scissor patent 1950

Child's safety scissors
Images (2)


B26B13/00 Hand shears; Scissors

US Grant
Download PDF Find Prior Art
InventorWilber M StilwellGladys F Stilwell Original AssigneeWilber M StilwellGladys F Stilwell Priority date1950-02-03
Family: US (1)
DateApp/Pub NumberStatus
1950-02-03US2591740AExpired - Lifetime
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You mean treating the disease systemically rather than treating the symptoms with a sticking plaster?

Sort out things like Healthcare, poverty, social exclusion, family breakdown. Stuff like that?

They already have free healthcare - and free/heavily discounted housing. And food stamps. If you have an idea how to fix these communties and rid the m of gang violence - bring it.

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