Truly, there is no God. Blair survives lightning strike.

Think God needs to boresight! that or Blair has a pact with the Devil?
That's just God's way of saying

"Take that as a warning, and stop being such a c**t"
.... but I prayed harder.

He must not go unbeaten (as that joke Smith did), but only after having been judged as a lying tw@t by the electorate. Picture Saint Tony being laid up, WMF in her widow's tweeds and Saint Gordon (who is the only man who could have proved TCB for what he was over last 8 years, but backed him instead) taking on the mantle of Super-Old-Labour-Tax-And-Spender.

A plague on both their houses - my how I chuckle as Tony loses money each week as his & WMF's earnings fail to match their mortgage & Council Tax.

not that I'm bitter....... "He was the People's tw@t" (copyright A. Campbell)
Its things like this that shake my commitment to atheism…! :twisted:
I think the new Pope has been talking ti the big man upstairs.

"Ve vill start by taking out zer vorld leaders. Zen ve vill send in ze Panzers."

Some people just can't admitt defeat.
Look at this thread, Goatbloke

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