Truly sickening

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Now the Israelis are always going on about Arab children being taught to hate from an early age...then what about this?



    Taken at an artillery position near Kiryat Shimona, near Lebanese border, Monday, July 17th 2006 (AP photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

    Now what other "democratic" army allows children to scribble such bile on artillery shells prior to using them?

    I want to weep looking at their faces.
  2. Taz,

    If the photos are bonafide then they are truly astonishing. Aside from the sheer bloody stupidity of the "sentiment" being displayed what type of muppet allows kids this close to an operational unit and in all likelihood within range of the opposition's weapons...? 8O

  3. I heard they were encouraged by a group of Photographers so they could get a good shot. I might add how would a group of kids know to do such a thing. It is a picture straight out of WWII propaganda photo. Some one had to put those kids up to writing on shells .
  4. Probably the "border jews" my friend tells me about (he spent 6 months in israel on pilgrimage and got back in June). The settlement jews and border jews are ultra-fanatical. When the Westbank was being evacuated, Israelli settlers opened fire on IDF troops and refused to leave. My friend said that the people living next to the border on both sides represent the most extreme of both sides. He actually almost got hit by rockets that came in from Syria (hit minutes after his group walked away from the area).

    I'm not a fan of Israelli politicians, but I do have sympathy for the conscripted IDF members. Apparently the IDF begged politicians to let them do a trade after the first kidnapping in order to avoid further war. Instead, they were given marching orders.
  5. Hardly surprising really considering the atmosphere in the ME since Israel was created. Makes a great visual for both sides. Keeps the pot boiling in case anyone sensible managed to get a word in edgewise about a peaceful win-win solution. Safety aside and the likelihood this has been a contrived opportunity by the photographers is this really a sensible thing for anyone to photograph let alone publish? Good to see though that they are not going to be short of willing future personnel for the Israeli Army.

  6. I get angry on the number of posed shots we get from the news media that purport to be news. This is nothing new I remember looking at a book of Photographs that were taken at the battle of Antietam 1862 by Mathew Brady . He had prop guns and other Items he would sprinkle on the ground to make his shots more dramatic.
  7. Might’ve been better to advertise it over the Internet:

    “YOUR MESSAGE ON THIS SHELL” for 50 Shekels

  8. This is what Photographers used to do during the American Civil War ?
  9. Good old Neo_Con, that’s exactly the kind of response I’d expect from him.

    Of course it’s the photographer’s fault – it couldn’t possibly be the fault of the kid’s parents or the artillerymen (seen in the background of the photographs), could it? Oh no, it’s not their responsibility to stop the kids writing on the shells or to stop the photographer “encouraging” them to do it!

    Our friend Neo_Con seems to be suffering from cognitive dissonance, as usual.
  10. 'Truly sickening'?


    You aren't on MySpace by any chance are you?

    Good for them - it's encouraging to see the young getting behind the war machine.
  11. Its not as if they're dressing their kids up as suicide bombers is it? And at least it's improving the standards of literacy in Israeli school children!

    What's Hebrew for "Get Some!" ????
  12. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lets hope they all muzzle premature. Both sides are as bad as one another! Put a ring around them, stop the US resupplying one side, ensurecombat parity and let them sort it out between themselves! (Joking).
  13. I imaginedif I lived with the threat of constant rocket attack I would 'nt be joining the local hug an arab club :(
  14. _________________

    Those are classic American style Propaganda Photos. We know the kids didn't come up with the Idea. I am sure the soldiers have better things to do , after all there is combat going on or if The parents just happen to have their kids signing a bunch a shells when a group of photographers happened on the scene.

    I don't think so. It look to me to be manufactured pictured. Kids were around looking at a Israeli battery that set up close to their town Photographers were their taking pictures of the battery and thought wouldn't it be a good picture to have the kids signing shells. It wouldn't surprise me if they gave the kids the felt to write on the shell.
  15. Propagating hate from one generation to the next is absolutely essential if we and the Americans are to maintain a profitable future Arms-export industry to fund the private education of our own children! :cry:

    The younger the better as far as the Arms manufacturers are concerned! :x

    I wonder which country manufactured the artillery ammunition upon which they are drawing or the artillery from which they are fired :?: