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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ptesleeper, Apr 21, 2007.

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    A woman is starting a 15 month jail sentence for having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

    Linda Jane Jones, 34, a mother-of-two from Mold, became pregnant by the teenager, who the judge said had been left "considerably traumatised."

    Mold Crown Court heard that shortly after she was interviewed by the police, she lost the baby.

    She admitted three counts of sexual touching involving intercourse and must register as a sex offender.

    Another charge was allowed to lie on file.

    She must now register as a sex offender for 10 years and is banned from working with children for life.

    The court heard that Jones and the boy had sex three times.

    Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said that while it was unusual for a woman to abuse a young boy, there as no distinction between such an offence being committed by a man or a woman.

    One must also recognise the tragedy brought upon her by her own actions
    Duncan Bould, defending

    He said the least sentence he could impose was one of 15 months imprisonment.

    "You gained the trust of his family and you abused that trust when you engaged in sexual contact with him," said Judge Hughes.

    "He was only 14 years of age, a young boy who had no previous sexual experience of any kind at all.

    "I cannot ignore the difference in your ages - you were 34 and twice his age."

    The judge told the court: "The fact that you became pregnant, and that the child was lost, is another aspect of the human tragedy which results in cases of this kind."

    'Feeling vulnerable'

    He said the victim had been "considerably traumatised" by what she had done.

    "You are not being sentenced on the basis that you forced him or assaulted him against his will.

    "But the consent that he gave was the consent of a young boy, not that of a man of adult age," he said.

    The judge told the defendant he took into account her guilty plea, that she had no previous convictions, and was the mother of young children.

    Duncan Bould, defending, said Jones had accepted full responsibility at a time when she herself was feeling vulnerable after her husband left her.

    He said there was no predatory element or grooming involved.

    "One must also recognise the tragedy brought upon her by her own actions," he said.

    "It is right to say that she is someone who has not come to terms with the loss of the baby."

    BBC News

    Even at 14 surely no-ones that desperate!
  2. He said the victim had been "considerably traumatised" by what she had done.

    Was that when he realised he had lost his cherry to Quasimodo's sister?
  3. Poor lad. :(

    Scarred for life, probably . . . . :x

    D'you perhaps think he may have been double-jointed? :?
  4. you can see what attracted him, can't you????
  5. I think it's fairly safe to say that a grown MAN would be traumatised after chucking one up that! And no its NOT me,before any of you smart arrses start!! :D
  6. I'm 50 years old and have been about a bit as they say and I'd be "considerably traumatised" if I wwoke up next to that!
  7. I'm traumatised just by the pic. :twisted:
  8. Done worse at a damn sight older than 14 :oops:
  9. you can see her sparkling personality

    shining through

    maybe thats what attracted him
  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww she could have worn a bra....
  11. I can see from the photograph that there has been no attempt at grooming. Whatsoever. Not even a comb through her hair for pity's sake!
  12. Oh and as an afterthought (and let's face it, mere afterthoughts are going to be the least of your problems with her on your mind) spare your thoughts for the mates of this lad. Who presumably, as you or I would have, ran to meet his chums and said "I've only bleeding gone and done it..." to which they would naturally enough have asked "with whom?" Then he would have told them...poor little sods...

  13. She had a car???

  14. anyone shocked by that?

  15. Please BB you are gorgeous she is a mutant, how would anyone think that is you!!!!!!