Lads, i am seriously contemplating about writing a book about what life is really like in the corps. My old mans cousin is a journo type in the smoke and is well connected. My aim is to write about what it is/was really like period 88- present. To make this work real factual stories are welcome. Lots i know are expanded roumers but some crackers i know first hand. Looking at chapters about: Training - the truth. First experiences in a unit. Chatham. Classic chicks. What happens on tour stays on tour!. Things we got away with. Officers. Kn*bs or a posher word. really want to tell the truth how it is/was. Reckon we as sappers have got up to and got away with more than most. So what do you think? Oh and there would defo be chapters on legends and howlers. Knocker not sure which cat you fit into!! fit like loon. :D
Interesting idea but I think some form of Ghost Writer may be in order.
I could do, but then that would compromise my own autobiography (if I ever get round to it/become famous) working title 'Bugger!' :D
I'm a Poet and I didn't know it
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