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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by eXistanZ, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I will be joining up soon with the reg army as a "Communication Systems Engineer" Will i be sent to the field straight away after my 14 weeks training? I've been given all sorts of mixed messages about what to expect when joining up, but if have to go to Afghanistan and into battle before i even get the chance to work as an ICT. I'd rather study a course in civil society :?:
  2. jsut from mates no1 gets sent away straight away so i doubt it very much 14 weeks basic then ur course after
  3. You'll be doing trade training after basic.
    Although as a soldier I'm assuming you should be ready to deploy anytime after training.
  4. Ok, so after my 14 weeks I will be doing my ICT trade training and I could be called up anytime during my training as an CSE?
  5. you wouldnt be called up for that trade mate because u havdnt finished it but they might call you for infantry i suppose they could
  6. Durka, unlike you. I'm no soldier. YET! My main objective is to get a high level in CSE so i can afford to support my loved one's. Are you human?
  7. Its the "Joining Up" forum. If you can't be helpful leave people alone. It may seem like a daft question to you, but it's important to others.
  8. Dingerr, thnx for the support. Its good to know there are some people i can rely on with a mature nature and friendly advice. Further info about CSE would be great to know. Thanx guys:)
  9. Don't worry, you won't be sent on tour and left to fend for yourself in an unknown environment. There will always be someone there to guide you; sometimes in a friendly way and other times not so friendly.
  10. Thats great news:)
    The friendly and not so friendly part is typical in any situation in life hehe. I've had my fair share and im not expecting the worse but on my guard. I might have other questions later on about accommodation, fees, letters from home etc and more info relating CSE.
    You've been a great help, not to mention cappa and tucker. Thanx guys.
  11. no prob mate were all fighting the same enemy
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