True Heroes?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. I saw these guys in Tunbridge Wells yesterday.Does anyone know anything about them?They claim they have raised over £500k in donations,yet I could not see a charity registration number on their stand,nor on their website.I do not see them on the Charity Commission website either.

  2. oldbaldy

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  3. Charity number 1132340 according to the sponsorship forms.
    Not checked it out on charity registration places website yet though...

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  4. oldbaldy

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    That charity number is for Afgan Heroes
  5. just had a look at the website. 3 names come up Afghan Heroes, True Heroes and something called Just in Time via an oblique link to a Gibraltar news web link. Some of the "retreats" appear to be pub/restaurant based. Not quite sure whats going on here.
  6. Perhaps an email to the charities commission then...

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  7. Can't answer that one, but good on you for getting the photo.

    I'd like to see it more often- a genuine charity would have no objection and possibly would welcome the extra exposure.

    But there are increasing numbers of occasions when I see service charity collecting that doesn't ring true.

    A mention on Arrse especially coupled with a photo - not necessarily showing faces- might highlight those who are not the real thing, especially if they move from town to town, which seems be the manner of operation of those who have been brought to book for fraud already.
  8. On the bottom of the stand it mentions the name Prize Promotions Ltd.They seem to be based in Blackpool and are run by Mr Anthony Simon Chadwick and Mr Luke Anthony Varley -

    The Company Check website also says "Key Financials are not available as PRIZE PROMOTIONS LIMITED has not filed accounts. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 31/07/2013."

    All very odd. I'll do some more digging.
  9. Rather like when Army of Angels appeared round here. Or the other bunch of pillocks selling little booklets with proceeds apparently going to various forces charitable projects. None of which they seem able to name when asked.

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  10. They turn up regularly here and are extremely pushy, I want to ask them if they are volunteers or paid employees of Prize Promotions Ltd, if they are employed then where do their wages come from? I tell my friends and family to give to The British Legion, who were fantastic when my Husband died in service or to H4H or SSAFA
  11. If they are fundraising for True Heroes or Afghan Heroes you should call the police:
    1. Prize Promotions Limited was the official professional fundraiser for Afghan Heroes, aka True Heroes. But it is now raising funds for another “heroes” military charity – Our Local Heroes Foundation.
    2. Ben Wallace, the MP for Wyre & Preston North, is a patron of Our Local Heroes Foundation.
    3. On 4 April 2014, I wrote to him with my concerns about the charity due to its use of professional fundraiser Prize Promotions Limited. I received a reply from Mr Wallace’s office 20 May 2014. It surprised me.
    4. Please see my latest blog post, “Why are you a patron of a charity that works with Prize Promotions Limited?”:
    5. I’ve been posting regular updates on Prize Promotions Limited since January 2014 on my blog, and on ARRSE in the Afghan Heroes thread.