True extent of SAS casualties in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Isn't it the SBS who are doing the brunt of the Brit SF in Afghanistan ? Your heading is confusing
  2. what he said and your link is crap
  3. He said it wasn't on Times Online at the time of posting, hence the reason why it was "crap".
  4. All well and good the times reporting this, can we get some real time intel on these stats?
  5. Why should you or anyone else have the stats? Don't give me the right to know crap.

    Assuming the figure for SF is true, then for 9 years of continuous operations I call it remarkably light.
  6. To me it seems that this "intel" could be potentially damaging. If it is known how many of THEM have been hurt or worse, then taliban tactical effectiveness can be evaluated by the enemy, which aint good.

    Further and much more concerningly, any further data (eg a year by year breakdown) could lead to inferring which casualties were THEM. This concerns me, as THEY don't normally share such information (which is probably for a good reason).

    Might be better to take the MOD figures as gospel, at least here anyway.

  7. I as in ME, do not have the right to know, but I hate speculation!

    Yes I also believe this could be damaging to their operational effectiveness.
  9. The housing issue in todays Times brings a few points up aswell