Trudeau Or Not Trudeau, That Is The Question

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Ok, not the most original lead-in, but it deals with the Trudeau clan, so give me a break.

    Justin Trudeau, the son of the late Right Honourable Pierre Elliot "Here's My Middle Finger, Alberta" Trudeau has decided to enter politics. Thankfully, he has chosen to run for the Liberals and in Quebec.

    For those not familiar with Pierre Elliot "Himself" Trudeau, he is either regarded as the Second Coming or as the Anti-Christ. Here in Alberta, you can estimate his worth by the fact the Premier of our Province declined (vehemently and with great public support) the alleged honour of naming a mountain after him. Instead, an expensive, but mostly unused airport in Quebec was given that esteemed distinction.

    But, for those interested in Canadian politics, we have the announced intention of a Trudeau running for the Liberals in the Canadian Parliament. Well, that should just bring the West screaming onside with them, don't you think?

    It would be sort of like running for the Knesset in Israel under the name Schicklegruber-Heydrich-Mengele-Himmler with the honourific Graf-von-Auschwitz running before it all.

    Personally, I would love to invite the little toad to come skiing on our lakes, much like his younger brother.
  2. So, would this chap's mother be the one who shagged Ted Kennedy, Geraldo Rivera and Ronnie Wood?
  3. Yep, that's Margaret (aka "Sure You're Mick Jagger, But Where's The Rest Of The Group - And Your Roadies?) Trudeau.
  4. Whats the power base of the Trudeau clan? Money, commerce, breeding?
  5. Oh great joy. He 'll will be riding on the "Trudeau" name and I think that's all.

  6. Thanks for that, wotan. I'm enduring a crushing hangover this morning, now I've just read this. I feel resoundingly ill.

    Best two descriptions I've heard of PET: "He was not a man, but an Ego that walked like a man".

    "In Pierre Trudeau, Canada has finally produced a leader worthy of assassination"

    Why, why, why are we going down this road again with this family of turd stranglers?? :frustrated:
  7. Wotan:

    he's a pale, sad imitation of his dad and won't amount to much without excessive makeover by spin doctors, etc... the liberal party will get li9mited benefit from him at best. but they'll try [ assuminghe gets elected or even ' officially nominated' in the riding.

    the party would have better luck running his wife in the riding, at least she could give Belinda Stronach a fashion tip or two...
  8. Armchair Jihad,

    The Trudeau family is certainly well-heeled. Pierre Eliot Trudeau (Justin's dad) was a millionaire lawyer long before he entered politics. They are somewhat the Canadian version of the Kennedy clan in the US. Lots of hype, nothing really to substantiate it. That said, the family name is legendary within the Liberal Party and, I presume, carries immense clout.

    I doubt that Justin will be much of a force in Canadian politics, but he may be positioning himself for a future run for the leadership of the Party. Could be interesting times for the current leader, Mr. Stepane "Milquetoast" Dion.
  9. I'm banking on the combined populations of the provinces of Alberta and BC making nouvuea Trudeau and the rest of Quebec irrelevent...
  10. Does it really matter that much who gets in anymore?

    They argue like a bunch of idiots. I turned the TV on the other day to watch them argue over the bank charging you money to use the ATM because the banks make money off of it. I didn't hear anybody say sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up if you don't want to pay the damn fee then don't use the machine idiot.