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Trucks? What are these - any spotters in?

Seen by Stonkerson #1 at a commercial truck servicing operation 2 minutes from the Stonkerpalace in Candleford, we think this thing comes from the DLO complex down the road in Bicester. Anyone tell me what it is?

. . . . and then there's this rather senior Boche monster:

spotted by Stonkerson #2in a Frog car park in downtown Bourg Ste Maurice 10 says ago.

Any offers?


It the RSgis Special Comms Sqn Pinz, hence the folded down sat comm unit on the roof at the rear.
Probably in the same place as the TSC502 these days, either skipped or mouldering in the Corps museum, which is where 502 yellow should have been 20+ years ago when I had it!

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Man portable my arrse! if I ever get to Blandford I may well pop in to the museum and laugh.

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