Trucker charged in connection with bestiality death

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hat20, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. A US truck driver who filmed a friend having sex with a stallion in an act that killed him has been charged with trespassing on a ranch used by bestialists, authorities said.

    Paul Tait will be the only person charged in connection with the death of his friend, who died of massive internal injuries after being sodomise by the horse at a stud farm near the northwestern US city of Seattle in July, police said.

    Tait, 54, was filming the antics during which a 45-year-old engineer with plane-maker Boeing, "received the injuries that ultimately led to his death," King County sheriffs said in an official report.

    He admitted sneaking onto a neighbour's farm in the middle of the night to have sex with animals in incidents that were videotaped.

    "Tait said he and (his dead friend) were never given permission to go on the neighbours' property in the middle of the night to have sex with their horses," sheriffs said.

    But while the reports show Tait admitted joining the dead man and another friend for repeated sex acts with horses, prosecutors said he could not be changed with cruelty to animals or bestiality.

    "No animal cruelty charges were filed because there is no evidence of injury to any of the horses," King County district attorneys said on the charge sheet.

    Bestiality is not an offence in Washington state, prosecutors said, and the third man allegedly involved in the incident was not charged because there was insufficient evidence placing him in the barn.

    If convicted, Tait faces a maximum one-year jail sentence and a fine of $US5000 ($6570).

    He is due to appear in court in the week of October 31.

    "No-one else is under suspicion and the investigation is now closed," Sergeant John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff's Department said.

    You can imagine abit of horsey on girly stuff but this.......Ouch!
  2. 8O
    Can you imagine the ambulance guys rocking up to 'the scene' seeing the guy's injuries and trying to keep a straight face/not vomit when asking "So how did this happen?" 8O 8O 8O
  3. Nice to see Boeing employees using their spare time so wisely, now they are on strike.
    Wonder if was on the JUMBO line? 8O :lol:
  4. Tait can consider himself lucky, he's still alive after all.
  5. I think you will find he was just trying to ram the gerbil in further !

    Just horseplay !
  6. Possibly words along the lines of:

    "Well you see doc, I was looking for my contact lens when I asked my friend who was riding his horse to help. As I bent down my trousers ripped and as I always go commando my buttocks were exposed to. Any way, in a flash the horse got a whiff of my "Rampant Stallion" aftershave (Must be a gay horse), and stretched my hoop severely, ug ar ug ug ar of f@ck I'm dying".

    Serves them right - deviant B@stards.

    Can you imagine the party after the event where they all sit down knocking one out over the video, some things are just wrong !
  7. Can any U.S arrsers attend the funeral and tell us what the priest says?
  8. That's the funniest way of someone dying that I have ever heard.
    Second to that is the one in the FHM mag of the man who dropped a £20 note down the toilet by accident. So being a very tight man he decides to open his septic tank and fish it out. BUT he lives in an area where all the toilets leads to one giant septic tank. Long story short, opens the tank, smells really bad, stink causes him to pass out, falls in tank, drowns in a tank.

    Edited to add that the third funniest death I've heard of is of the man with the world's longest beard who tripped over it and fell down a flight of stairs
  9. My thoughts exactly!

    8O 8O 8O

  10. How, exactly would you go about getting permission ? Would it have been OK if they had got permission ?

    It's not like they were asking the Presiding Member if they could invite the ruperts in for Xmas drinks (formal letter), or naughty school-boys asking for their ball back from your back garden (nervous knock on the door and sheepish faces) ... they were adults who wanted a bit of horse bum-fun 8O ...

    'Will it be OK if I come round tomorrow night with a couple of guys from work and got bummed off one of your horses ?' ...

    'Yeah, should be OK, I'll leave the yard lights on, just close the gates when you're done ... ' :roll:

    Good find H-20 :lol:
  11. What about that classic photo of a bloke crushed to death by a falling rock - unfortunately he was humping a chicken at the time and still has it on his dcik, trousers down, dead under this boulder!

    Will try to look it up!
  12. This raises the question of stud fees. Possible legal action? :?
  13. I remember that one, absolute class. I think he was Italian
  14. All this brings us back to the age old question of "Is it wrong to have sex with animals?"

    Call me judmental: Yes. Although, if youre giving and not receiving it may not be as bad as it seems. Right?