Truck spotters question - DAF engine?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gassing_Badgers, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Bit of a sad one, I know but...

    Does anyone know what type of engine the DAF 4-tonner uses?

    I heard rumour it was a cummins 5.9L unit, which would make it the same as fitted to Saxon Patrol... :?
  2. I thought the Saxon had a Bedford 6 Cylinder engine in, which may of been renamed Perkins??
  3. The same one thats in the CVR(T) and new 432 :D
  4. That's right, Saxon GWR had the Bedford engine, but Saxon Patrol got a Cummins...
  5. I think theres two type's of enigine in the Daf and ill check in the morning for you, The Saxon and the TM do share the same engine, with the Patrol getting the Cummings, the easy way to spot them is the Patrol has an Turbo as the GWR has not.
  6. Here you go.

    Engine Leyland DAF 3000 series, 6 cylinder, in line Diesel, with direct injection and turbo-charged 5.9 Litres producing 108kW (145bhp) at 2600 rev/min.

    There are two different types a Pre Euro and a Euro 1, the latter conforms to current legislative exhaust emissions.

    Puts coat on and gets in Taxi.
  7. Thanks fella! :thumright:

    Sounds like the Leyland 3000 series is pretty much the same model as the Cummins 6BT 5.9L (Saxon Patrol), but de-rated from 160BHP to 145BHP. Similarly, the CVR(T) engine is also a 5.9L unit, but rated at 190BHP.

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  8. 145bhp...160bhp...pah!
    Back when these things were brought out, and i remember my old mans Regt being one of the first Units to get Saxon (1 KOBR), these power outputs were the norm. But now we are getting a new truck, Support Vehicle, with upto 440bhp!!

    Well thats progress for you! :D

    pick me up in the taxi please!!!