Truck parking in street Legal?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CptDanjou, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Had my mirror knocked off my car this morning by a truck who never stopped , I know roughly where the driver lives so a visit is order tonight.
    My question is can you legally park a 12 tonne flat bed in a street every night? the street is is a cul de sac in a village and the truck struggles to get through hence my mirror and several neighbours have gone west.
  2. My guess, if you pay your road tax and the vehicle is legal then yes. Knocking your mirror off is a different matter.
  3. is this going to head the way of the dangerous driving/cat killing thread?

    I just can't wait.
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  5. It might need to display a night light if parked on the street. (Also 12 tonne is a glorified pick up, not a truck :) )
  6. So your saying you could park a 40` tautliner on a housing estate ? sounds unlikely and I've never seen it done.
  7. No , its going the way of he owes me £235 for a new door mirror, chopper.
  8. So would a vehicle as small as a camper thats over 3.5 tonne need lights on in an unlit street?
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    Settle tiger. Anyone would think you may have had your car knocked into by some incondsiderate truck driver causing damage and expense while someone makes a cheeky post on the internet about it.

    On a serious note, did you see it happen, can you prove it was him?
  11. How on earth can you justify £235 for a new door mirror? Get real.
  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    £235 isn't bad! Some cost more.. the amount of electronics in them nowadays is stupid. My golf was electric adjust and heated. Wouldn't have liked to have replaced that! Also some fold in which means replacement motors etc..

  13. So the street I`m banging on about has not lighting , its in a village in a 30mph zone ,there fore ALL vehicles should be facing in the direction of traffic flow and anything over 3.5 tonne should have lighting as well , wonder if this means a 4.5 tonne camper?