Truancy levels rise

Truancy rates reached a record high last year as more than 63,000 pupils skipped school every day.

Official figures released on Tuesday showed that since Labour came to power, the number of children in England playing truant has risen by a third - despite more than £1 billion being spent on tackling the problem.

My solution is simple

Set up a number of residential schools across the country and send the offenders there. Parents get to pay the travel fare.

They remain in the residential school and undertake exams periodically. They are not allowed to leave until they achieve a set standard grade.

If they truant a second time they must stay there until they have passed exams at 16. If they fail, then they stay there until they are 18 or pass them.

It is estimated that 63,000 children truant each day. Think of the teaching jobs that would create and the money which would be spent on imprisonment of the parents is addressing the actual problem.


My solution is easier and cheaper: stop forcing so many pointless tests / exams / SATs etc on the kids, and offer them some useful skills/education in school.

Not everyone is academic, but having a 'no losers' culture with exam passes for everyone simply isn't giving many of the young people of the UK the start they need in life.

I thought that this had been addressed by making languages not compulsory???


When i was at school, which wasnt too long ago there was alot of boredom among the students the teacher would just teach at you most of the time and hope it sinks in.
my solution get more ex forces people into schools, had 2 ex forces people 1 in primary and one in secondary, the 2 best teachers ive had kids really respected them. And they taught us not just acedemic stuff but life lessons aswell.
Still remeber the primary school one, if we were too noisy he would just take one of the wooden metre rulers and smash it on a table,
followed by a stunned silence :p

so to wrap up most kids want to learn but they wanna be taught things they know they are gonna need and they wanna be taught in a way that dosnt bore them after 5 minutes.