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Troops, I had the great pleasure of seeing this play performed by two actors in Southend on Sea last Friday. Neil Gore and Richard Stone play the 11parts between them.
Robert Tressells’ world famous book is set 1906 in a house called the cave which is being painted and decorated by the main characters who are basically called the 7p and hour men.
However as there are so many trades men walking about ( unemployed) they live in fear of having wages cut or worse still, being laid off for cheaper workers . Skill and professionalism are to be left behind in the race to ‘tosh’ up the job grab the profit and move on to the next job. You see the conflict between the Coddy ( Foreman) who is caught between Mr Rushton the villain, and his workers . One worker Mr Owen the hero, is a highly skilled Decorator and despite his Socialist leanings and lectures to his workmates is chosen for a particular job soon after he was to have been let go. Unbeknown to the men one chap has accepted 6 ½ wages to have the work and one of the older men it to be sacked for being too old and slow, despite his skills. There is considerable tension building up some of which is released on the firms outing , “ they wouldn’t set a man off on beano day would they?”

The two actors presented their different characters in a truly enlightening way, heaven knows how long they had to rehearse doing all the parts and fit in a puppet show as well! I have attached their website for you to look at if you are interested in this sort of play. I can tell you I was boo-ing and hooray-ing with the rest of the audience and it was a very good evening out. Heartily recommend it. Five star no probs.

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