Trouser Twists?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Father_Famine, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. How are Trouser twists meant to work, my lad is a cadet and I have been given a pack, how does he fit them??
    Are they just used to neaten up the join between Combat Boots and DPM's?
  2. We used to put them around our ankles, and then fold the end of the trousers up underneath, so that the trouser sat neatly on the boots - maybe due to ill-fitting kit, but I think that's what they're used for
  3. not due to ill fitting kit, if you look, there are lace ties on the bottom of the trouser legs, just easier to use the elastic ones and they dont cut off blood supply :)

  4. Thanks Lads.

    Understand now. He can get rid of those laces as well then.

    Jobs a gud un!
  5. I havent used twisters for about a decade. Paid in the preverbial; keep losing them. And they cut off the blood supply to the feet (as mentioned above). However, they do look smarter than the laces.

    When I waa junior, we used to put weights in the bottoms of our trousers to pull the creases out; we thought we looked the business.
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  6. Yes but then you probably did with Blanco and Puttees! :wink:
    Seriously, i stopped using twisters years ago. For the reasons mentioned above. Usually lost them on some obscure Bos tour when you forgot to take them out before the Bath & Laundry Super Hot bag wash!
  7. nothing wrong with laces in the trousers. Twisters are used in the ACF mainly because it's full of old-types who don't like the idea of modernising. like a lot of things.
  8. Of course, if you want to look ally you just leave your trouser ends loose.
  9. the colonel round here has a fit when he sees that