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10ft Boa 'Living in Sewage Pipes'

A 10ft snake thought to have been living in sewage pipes in a block of flats for three months has been caught.

The 10ft boa constrictor, named Keith, is thought to have been abandoned after the resident was evicted after owing £5,500 in rent to his landlord.

The huge snake has been slithering out of toilet bowls throughout a block of flats in West Didsbury, Manchester, since August and could have been left in revenge following the eviction.

The creature has been spotted on several occasions, but no one has had the courage to try and catch it.

Terrified homeowners have been forced to put bricks on toilet seats in a bid to keep the beast from popping out of the pan.

Firefighters were called when a resident went to the toilet in the night and came face-to-face with the reptile - but they could find no trace of it.

But another resident found it on his bathroom floor and captured it in a bin before calling the RSPCA - who are now caring for the creature.

I like that man's style :lol:
pdf27 said:
BBC link for those who wish to avoid AOL.
Sounds like some kunt trying to get on Trisha or the scum and earning a few squids!

I have an alligator in my boiler and I am sure I can produce it for TV or a well paying TV article

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