Trouser Elastics Why???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TheCountCounts, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Ive recently joined the Army and I can't work out why people wear elastics or drawstrings in the bottom of there trousers. My corporal told me that it was to stop spiders crawing up your leg but civilianns don't seem to have this problem so why do we??
  2. so after your sh1t and p1ss yourself. It doesnt get on your boots
  3. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Join 'them', they don't.
  5. Sssssh.


    You know - the RAF Regiment.
  6. Oh I thought you meant the Northern Irish band, best know for "Gloria" and being a launchpad for Van Morrison's career...............
  7. Perhaps spiders like the taste of squaddie or perhaps squaddies go to places, sometimes sandy sometimes not, that civilians (one N) don't. In my day we wore elastics (Don't tell the RSM) because trying to tuck trousers into gaiters and look even half tidy was impossible.
  8. wahhh, it's gotta be
  9. Fair point. Don't wear them then and when an NCO, Sgt Maj or the RSM grips you ask them to show you were in Regulations it says the trousers must be worn like that.

    If you get any problems tell them Dingerr sent you, that should see them straight.

    Whatever happens stick by your guns and don't give in to them, they are just nasty men who shout alot :twisted:
  10. get the elastics to FCUK they have a link to tendon problems in the achillies
    these things should be burnt at any opportunity.

    By the way I hate them
  11. If you havent been in long you wont of been in a long exercise in snowy conditions. Elastics are designed to keep your legs nice and warm, firstly drink numerous pints of alcohol to warm your body up then swamp into your combats and have nice warm legs. Once the legs get cold untie the drain valve and top up as neccessary. :twisted:

  12. talking out of your arrse mate
  13. Gaiters ! Those were anklets. Fcukin Bishops wear gaiters.
  14. I found them useful for stopping my dick falling out onto my boots, but then again I'm lucky to have a big one!!

    I can also lick my eyebrows and breathe through my ears, A talent that a lot of QA's liked.