Troubleshooter: General Sir David Richards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    August 8, 2009
    Troubleshooter: General Sir David Richards
    In a few weeks, General Sir David Richards takes over as head of the British Army – and the challenges he faces could not be greater. A self-confessed "seat-of-the-pants" soldier with a strong humanitarian streak, he discusses nation-building, terrorism and military shopping lists, and explains why Britain cannot afford to walk away from Afghanistan
  2. Though I wouldnt hold my breath he came out to theatre to speak with some of us after H4 and asked us what we thought was needed and some of the items ended up in service (though im sure it wasnt purely on our saying so)
    Mind you he doesnt pay the bills at the end of the day so prob situation no change.
  3. Somehow, I doubt if this rather gushing article will do any good to the good General. I can just imagine it being read out in Messes throughout the Army to snorts of amusement at the eulogising of the 'Toubleshooter'...
    Allowing a piece like this merely puts pressure on himself to back it up with successes - not sometjing so easy in the current situation.

  4. First we need our Government etc to get their act together and give our soldiers and the armed forces the vital equipment and manpower they need even before any more troops are sent to Afghanistan .
    Also other countries should also get their act together and send some more troops from their country .if they cant send troops from their country then they should contribute with resources so that the troops who are in Afghanistan can have the vital equipment and pay for the man power that is needed .
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  9. Would appear to be the man for the job. However, the excellent, honest and outspoken Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt will surely be missed.

    Amazing that he will be Constable of The Tower Of London. I'd be willing to bet that cyclops would rather he was interred in it.
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  11. Given the time it took to reach a rather questionable outcome in Northern Ireland which is our own back yard, 40 years in Afghanistan seems a bit optimistic to me regardless of how our military role "evolves".