Trouble with Downloading Msn Live

I have just got my daughters laptop back from repair and everything had been wiped off of it. I have been trying to download MSN live.It will let me download and save the programme but if I try to run the programme it keeps saying I'm offline and need to be online to run it. The laptop is online, so I can't work out why it is saying its not online.
Any ideas?
It might just be worth checking that "Work offline" is not ticked in internet explorer as this can mess with other system settings.

Open up internet explorer and click on the "File" menu and look towards the bottom where it says "Work offline". If it's ticked click it so it removes the tick and try again. If your using Internet Explorer 7 then press the ALT key down to get the File menu to appear.
Double click on the file you have downloaded and run it.

Put your daughter's hotmail address in screen name, password in password and the name she wants others to see in local alias.

PM me if you are having a drama.

Perhaps a setting in your firewall software that is preventing applications other than your browser from accessing the internet?
I have'nt got access to her password at the moment as shes not at home and the little mare has changed it, but if i set myself up on it can I add her to it later?


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Been doing this for my Mac for ages and I gave up and use Adium instead.

I think it is firewall problem as when I try on other peoples connections it is fine.
She's been in 10 minutes and does not like pidgin, fussy mare! It is still bugging me why it won't let me download MSN live, as before the laptop went off for repair it was fine and I have put the same firewall and anti virus back on it as was on it before.
This might be a tad extreme but turn your firewall completely off briefly and try it then, just to be sure so we can rule this out completely. I've not been able to replicate it so far other than by outright blocking it or crapping up my internet connection.

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