Trouble with Builder.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MarkJ79, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Lurker no more but need a bit of advice from anyone who have had trouble with builders.
    I am 2 months into being signed off and in preperation we have bought an ex council house that needs a bit of work. All in all with the deposit required we have borrowed 15 grand leaving enough to get 2 rooms fully renovated and more importantly the bathroom which needed complete gutting and refit. I agreed a price for the bathroom and it included fitting a new suite, full plaster and tile and paint. As I'm stuck at camp I couldn't be as involved as I would have liked but they finished last Friday and were paid as my other half was happy with what she initially saw. Problems are happening already. Here's a few, bath, shower and sink are not properly sealed, 20 tiles are very uneven the toilet is loose (the floor is now with hardboard ready for Lino) the paint job is horrendous and to top it off he has said that as my partner had looked at it and agreed he wasn't prepared to come back as he has a lot of work on.
    To add to it, there is a crack in the end bath panel and they walked silicone through the newly carpeted front room. I am at a loss what to do, I asked in a net forum and all I got was "your own fault" and I accept this but do I have any rights? Also I need more work doing so would appreciate any advice in choosing the next bloke?
    Half rant/half plea so excuse the ramble

    RE 96 to present
  2. Would also be happy to share the blokes name to avoid anyone ending up with him
  3. Get your wife with a sad look and tear in her eye to go and see local trading standards and state your case to them. They can also advise you on local tradesmen with good reputations, i try and do alot of jobs myself and some diy stores do leaflets on most household jobs, handy and quite infomative .Hope this helped and good luck
  4. Cheers mate. Can see this dragging out, not good with young ones in the house
  5. You see those other people in paint spattered jeans and t shirts looking at those leaflets in B&Q and scratching their heads?

    That's your Experienced General Builder you found in the Yellow pages, that is...

    You might as well bugger it up yourself and then get a proper builder in to snag it for you afterwards. You might save some money and get a decent job done then.
  6. Think we rushed it, the prat won't even discuss it and only communicates via text. Kicking myself, might have a go at sorting it myself.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Contact trading standards

    This link above might help for your next bits of work.

    In respect of your current experience you probably won't get a positive result anytime soon. If all you have is some gunning up, some tiling and a bit of tarting up to do you may as well fork out for someone to come in on a fixed price and this time don't cough up your cash until you are happy :)
    You don't need any specific advice to resolve your bathroom issue as you have answered your own questions. Make time to be around when work is being done and be involved, having half an idea about what your having done will help.

    If you struggle (and your bathroom isn't like ******* Cleopatras) I'll square it away, assuming your north west based and based on the snagging you've highlighted, if you put an equivalent day rate in the charity pot.
  9. Thanks a lot. Was hoping not to have to fork out again but it looks probable. We are in Cheetham Hill.
  10. In that case I'll bring a firearm :)

    Message sent.
  11. you big soft get!
  12. He has promised his bird will put out, plus I'm bored, so bored in fact that a day in someones bathroom wielding silicone and paint is making my crotch swell..
  13. The acrylic or silicon sealing around a bath and tiled areas should not be done for several weeks after the tiling has been completed, to allow the grout/tile cement to dry properly. Air the room well every day and be careful not to piss into the cracks. It's also a piece of piss to seal it yourself, unless you have two left hands.

    As for the rest, your partner having a look is neither here nor there, have you paid for the work? Don't pay a penny until the jobs done and done well. If you paid in advance then you're a mug.

    In future get a proper builder/plumber/tiler and not an Irish tarmac gang to do the work.
  14. Could have sworn he has fessed up to paying the guy and more so admitting his fault in commissioning the work. But dont let 'real and actual live words' on a screen get in the way of an internet telling off.
    With all in one grout, assuming that is what the spiv used as to be fair most builders do, you need to push for 72 hours max before applying sealent, get it on, get it off, give it a couple of days and your ready to apply.
  15. I'd check behind the bath panel when HC V has finished, you'll probably find a large one curled down and a pair of your missus' shreddies covered in spunk.