Trouble Over Recent US Camouflage Uniforms

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Well the Blue/Grey ACU was hardly a step forward was it
  2. ACU Sucks and has sucked since I first saw it in 2005. Was on Patrol and noticed some dudes wearing it and only when I got to within 200M noticed the others wearing the DCU pattern.

    It doesn't blend, never did and PEO Soldier refused to listen to the troops.
    Either go back to Woodland for temperate regions and DCU for Arid regions, or go with Multicam for all. and God Forbid you get input from the Infantrymen who have to wear it, what ******* einstein thought Velcro was a good idea to slap all over it? an bungee cords on the thigh pockets? genius that is. Nothing beter when dismounted a Vehicle for the bungee to get caught and:

    A-Rip the trousers
    B-snap and hit your leg like a Caning
    C-Spill the pocket contents out
    D-All of the above

    Then also had shortening the shirt so you can tuck it in for field training and it's so short it pulls out, I mean really WTF? did PEO Soldier have crack addicted Lemurs design this festering piece of shit?

    How about a Multicam copy of the Vietnam Jungle Fatigues with Elbow, Knee, Seat reinforcements? Looks good, a Proven design? Sew on Nametapes no velcro
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  3. Never had a problem with them, even nighttime. pattern blended in Kuwait and Baghdads alleys.
  4. Of course they will have to be well starched.
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  5. I came across the GW1 chocolate chip pattern and thought it looked a bit wanky, then we had a yank attached to us mid 90's in cyprus with the 3 colour gear - looked a shitload better
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  6. I never had to wear the ACU as I retired from the Army before they were introduced. I've seen a set since then and they're not as bad as some make out, but I still don't like the Mandarin Collar or the heavy use of velcro. At least the Army has listened to some of the people fighting in Asscrackistan and have altered the camouflage pattern to help the soldiers blend in better; it has a little more green in it than the older style ACUs. It's my understanding that these ACUs are issued only in theatre and Snuffy has to turn them in to the storeman when he goes home. I could be mistaken on that last point however. (Picture is of 1st generation of the ACU, not the modified one for use in Afghan only)

    My Work Pictures 146.jpg
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Have these people never experienced sunburnt necks and ears?
  8. The 6 color, aka Chocolate Chips. They were designed in the US SW desert and apparently DOD never took a pair to any other desert before 1990. Originals of those had a extra shoulder piece of fabric for insulation
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  9. There is a Boonie cap on issue but only for OCONUS use. And then Many individuals (and CSM's Cdr's) prefer the look of the Patrol Cap. (PC)

    IIRC up in Tikrit in 2005 the Major Command was the 42nd Infantry Division with brigades from the regular Army's 3rd ID, 25th ID, Tennessee National Guard attached as manuever elements. each had a differing policy on headgear, 25th demanded Patrol caps, 3rd demanded Boonies, Tennesseean wanted the fleece watch cap, so the two star said OK, want to act like kids? and made the Helmet the mandatory headgear for wear on Bases under its command MNCI-N

    My unit in Baghdad wore the PC for the flight home from Kuwait on. The CSM checked every man. He also demanded anyone wearing a Combat Infantry or Medics Badge had to wear a Combat Unit Patch (which isnt in the regs, its optional to the man), during the tour we wore PC's, Boonies, Watch caps, or no headgear on the CJ-SOTF and regular FOB's as appropriate. My Col never wore a Boonie in 3 tours of OIF/OEF.

    Now to truly show you how ******* bizarre US Army uniform regs are-
    We cant roll the sleeves up on our fatigues as Skin Cancer is a threat.

    Yet the other services can and we still issue a short sleeved shirt for dress wear in summer.
    I Guess I can only get melanoma while deployed and not while standing in the sun in Texas for 9 hours practicing for a parade in our short sleeve summers
  10. Pah! Although the number of your different uniform patterns for each service is getting silly, you are still mere amatuers compared to Brit Mil when it comes bullshit uniform regs.

    The rolling down of sleeves and untucking of shirts on this side of the pond has led to parade squares being littered with the bodies of old guard traditionalists committing Hari Kari.

    To even be in the same league as us you would have to have a mindset that saw Berets (the least Soldier like and most gay headdress ever designed) as suitable for every enviroment from Norway to Iraq and Belize.
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  11. ".......To even be in the same league as us you would have to have a mindset that saw Berets (the least Soldier like and most GAY headdress ever designed) as suitable for every enviroment from Norway to Iraq and Belize...."

    Berets Gay ! ?

    What was the first thing done when the Argentinians threw in the towel.
    Helmets off and berets on. Automatic action - not an order.

    Fcuking gay !

    mutter obviously never wore a Red one
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  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    My bold; that's not entirely true. I remember seeing pictures of them being worn by the 82nd Abn Div in Egypt circa 1981-2ish in some joint US-Egyptian exercise. I believe that the US observers in the Sinai were wearing them then also.
  13. I still have the 3 sets (mine also are double fabric in seat and crotch (perhaps in anticipation of dysentery or severe flatulence) along with pack cover, body armor with chic chip cover etc. best peace of kit of that fight in my view was the long parka-type coat with nighttime camo pattern that would accept the nylon quilted field jacket liner . That coat was a godsend on those cold desert nights.