Trouble on the train yesterday

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. I don't have a good history where trains travle in the UK is concerned. If you want rude people then a train in the south east is the place to be.

    On the train yesterday rush hour from Clapham Jnctn to Horley. Paid 1st class to get a seat. Packed carriage. Bloke on phone from the 1st minute we leave. He's making endless loud calls out not receiving and of course everyone's looking daggers. After a while I said not quite sotto voce, "Are you going to be on the phone all the way to Brighton?" and then end up staring him out for a while while he thinks of what to do. He says it's business and he'll get off at East Croydon if it bugs me so much. I say, "Fine." At East Croydon he gets off and this other guy gets off too and as he's walking past me says "Snob!". Not one person took my side - at least nobody spoke up. A few calls in a quiet voice on a train - no problem. We all do it. But top of your voice, endless prattling nonsense is not on.

    If we'd been in South Africa or Oz he'd have been told in no uncertain terms to stow it. In the US too I think. But not here in my own country.

    WTF is wrong with this place? In the last ten years we've become a nation of spineless, ill-mannered louts.

    And no, I don't take the Daily Mail.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I had the same, paid for a first class ticket (don't get excited 2 first class were cheaper than a standard return!!!) and went to sit in the 'quiet' compartment. Next stop there are 100 people who had been kicked off the earlier train because it had broken down. They all pile on, half of them into the compartment I'm in...and then the phones start.

    How many times do they need to ring home and say they are still late and yes they will try to get there as soon as possible....while sitting next to a sign saying please don't use your phone!!!!


    and relax!
  3. i know that packed feeling well,and that damn route!!!

    clapham is a great place to get on and spend the next bloo*y hour standing cos its packed like damn sardines..

    i went to gatwick 2 weeks ago from liphook and spent most of the trip standing with two heavy ass bags, most people just enjoy`d watching my face turn blue from lack of air..


    even the old ladys didnt budge untill i asked them to die quicker,no respect i tell ya.
  4. Ive been in the quiet carriage on a Nottm -London train and had to point out to some middle aged business twat that there were no mobile call allowed. No one else said anything either, it took me the youngest one there by far to tell him. Mind you they were very good with the scathing looks leading up to me telling me :roll:
  5. unfortunately it is because there are numerous cases in the South-East of people telling the phone users or Ipod lunatics to be quiet then get filled in or stabbed....and due to the lack of backbone noone helps.
  6. I have a mobile phone jammer (the use of which is illegal under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949) It's not much bigger than a mobile phone. Your coach will always be the quiet coach.
  7. Simple solution, Look at him grinning and repeat everything he says, making it impossible to have a phone conversation.

    Failing that, politley and unassumingly walk towards him, and grab the handset, take his sim card out and put it under your foreskin..... leave your old boy hanging out incase he wants to retrieve it......

    The sing Aha songs, Morten Harket tunes always mellow the vibe
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Stop facking moaning - that's the answer. Might be a nation of rude people, or people who talk loudly down phones, but it's not as bad as listening to or reading about people crying, moaning, gnashing their teeth, pulling out their hair and generally bleeting on about everyone else and how bad their lot is.

    FFS, get a life, and a car.
  9. I tried to get one a couple of years back but the only place I could find one was a company in Israel.

  10. What a great thing to have. I believe that some shops operate them now. This is almost as good as the "annoying noise" that you can have as a ring tone. Adults cannot hear it but it is excruciatingly painful to people up to about the ages of 20 to 25.
    It has helped me to remove Oinks from my shop before now.
  11. 8) Shame there is not a device fitted into trains that stops mobiles working but allows the driver to communicate, I have had women on mobiles in my local library. slags is all you can call them. :x
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mobile 'phone jammers, though illegal to use, are not - I think - illegal to own.

    If you were to get one, I would recommend this:

    Or there are plenty available in the UK for around £100 (or of course, cheaper if in a BFPO out of the EU). Money well spent, err, allegedly.........

    And they work fine on trains. I got fed up with listening to random snatches of people's lives being shouted to the worls some time ago - things that you would normally never dream of mentioning in public seem to be fine as long as you are on a train full of strangers. Most odd.
  13. Why not get your own phone out and go through the ring tone menu..... listen to each one in full, then repeat as loud as you can with your own voice.
  14. The kids at the shop where I work have got used to the bloody thing!
  15. I use the Eurostar to Brussels 1 or 2 times a month. Excellent service but nobody talks longer and louder on the phone than Johnny F ... despite announcements to use your phone with consideration! Simple solution for me ... MP3 c/w noise reduction headphones ... even eliminates the noise of whingeing brats. A must for commuters/travellers!