Trouble Logging On

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by Richy_Lancer, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Great! A place for everyone to colate and share a wealth of information.

    One slight problem...

    It won't let me get a user name!!!!!


  2. It doesnt let me log in either, with the account i've created. I know it helps you wiki keepers keep track of who is editing the pages, but i didnt persue it because i can edit without being logged in. Sorry.

  3. Have you tried looking here?

    If you've already created an Arrsepedia account you only need to fill out the top 2 boxes, otherwise, fill them all in.


  4. As i said, it wont let me log in with the account i've created. It says there is no user "Boney". There must be, i've got a user page.

  5. Which means absolutely feck all.
    There is also a user page for Qwertyuiop.

    Check your PMs for the password to log in...........


  6. got an account now!!! Great! Turns out it doesn't recognise an underscore ( _ ) and as such won't let you include them in a user name!