Trouble down Mexico Way?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Something that doesn't appear to be getting much attention beyond the likes of Stratfor, but it seems Mexico may be descending into anarchy. Obviously the leftie media luvvies aren't interested because the people fighting the oppressive Mexican state are, ahem, drug cartels, not exactly fighting for the oppressed masses. Although of course Pablo Escobar realised the advantages of getting the local peasantry on-side.

    So, is Mexico truning into Columbia? And if so, what are the ramifications?
  2. Yes. I'd heard that they're going loco down in Acapulco.

    Could lead to many highly paid openings for brickies in Texas as America rebuilds the Berlin wall in Texas.

    Posh & Becks could be kidnapped (I live in hope) by armed Mexican, drug dealing gangstas who never use foul language - as seen on 'The Shield'.

    Mexico becomes a US 'overseas territory' in the same way as Panama, Iraq, South Korea etc.
  3. Last time in Mexico I got the "Ay, Senor, you wanna buy some pot?"
    Ended up with a Mayan jug with a broken handle. Not very well painted either.
  4. There was a thing in't paper (poss. the NYT) about how easy access to Spam AR-15s & such is royally fcuking up Mexico. Aside from drugs, corruption and poverty, that is.
  5. the border fence better be higher and more efficieint than the Berlin wall.

    when I walked from El Paso to Cuidad Juaraz, I was stunned at how poor and messy it was in Mexico, separated by a few hundred yards is First world and Third world, same sky, land, water, opportunities, yet on the US side they made something of it, whereas on Mexican side it's all gone down the pan, what went wrong ? I wonder, the Mexcans had the opportunity to adopt US style Governance and business practices, instead corruption and poor governance seemed to rule ok.
  6. Never walked Hadrian's Wall?
  7. One aspect of the illegal immigrant issue here that gets ignored is that we have hundreds of thousands of men and women in the States who are here because they are ambitious and don't mind taking risks or doing hard work to succeed (maybe one percent are lazy and want to scrounge the system... the rest are decent folks.) If they were not able to get here... chances are, these folks would apply themselves in a similar manner at home and would probably form the core of a political movement that would change the system. It's in the corrupt Mexican government's best interest to facilitate the easy crossing of workers... self preservation and all that.
  8. Which Side?
  9. Oh, you mean the wall built by the Romans after they conquered the English, but realised they had no chance of doing the same to the Scots? :twisted:
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    :twisted: that'll be the one, of course they did try it with the Antanine wall but I do believe we knocked it down and kicked them back to england.
  11. Don't forget the Legion that marched into Scotland one fine day...and never returned.

    Not a trace of them was found. No bodies, not even the Eagle. :twisted:
  12. Yeah , those Picts were warriors not to be messed with.

    So it appears the hooligans that did not return to England after the world cup are alive and well.
  13. Would you, by any chance, be interested in an immigrant exchange programme?

    Even better, would you be interested in swapping your industrious illegals for several million native British that are currently surplus to our requirements? Like your Mexicans, many of these Brits struggle to speak English. You could use them to populate your wilderness areas - like Alaska.

    Edited to add:-

    We could start the programme with a Scottish bloke who is currently in New York comparing himself to JFK. Photo below. He's the one on the right.


    No need to send him back to us. He's apparently a hard worker but he has a tendency to pick his nose so don't give him a job in a kitchen!
  14. Yep - my relatives probably buried the barstewards and flogged the Eagle for scrap. However, some escaped:

    FFS - Walt Legionarries :D

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  15. Check a map mate.
    You will find that on the Northern side of the Wall its still England. The Border is Miles away