Trouble deciding what trade to join

Having decided to join the Army after ive done with my college course (National Diploma in Uniformed Public Services, which is very good by the way), im haveing some trouble deciding exactly what i want to do. :?

I love working with computers and electrics, all the technical stuff, and have been looking at the REME or the Royal Signals. Id appreciate some advice on what i could get more out of, more money and better training etc. I know theres alot to choose from and its driving me nuts trying to decide.

All advice greatly appreciated!
Have you done any Familirisation visits? If not, I would suggest you get youself along to a AFCO and arrange for some.

Have you looked at the army website?

Sigs (clickedy linky)

REME (clickedy linky)

Or here might help.

I would suggest that the quality of the training and the financial renumeration will be of secondary importance to you when you make your choice seeing as how they are likely to be roughly equivalent no matter where you go. You are better off trying to find a trade which interests you and is likely to keep you interested and motivated through your military career.

Have a look through the information on the various websites, get yourself to a careers office and get as much info on as many different jobs as you can. Get yourself loaded onto Fam. visits!! You will then be in a better position to discard job options. (And you never know, you may well find a job that you never thought about.)

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