Trouble at Upton Park

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Sky News reporting a major ruck at Upton Park.

    You'll never guess who they are playing.

    Yep, Millwall.

    They really are a bunch of shitheads....
  2. Millwall fans, cause trouble all the time. Having said that west ham do have a reputation. At the play offs last season the millwall fans up to their old tricks, my mates 8 yrs old got abuse and a hard time.

    Soooooooooper Irons.
  3. I was at an England game about 15 years ago with Santa Sunday, and got the lip from a Millwall fan, who looked about 12. It was hilarious. He thought that his Millwall shirt made him hard. He got a clip.

    Santa and I were at Upton Park a couple of years back and had a great time watching Everton. No trouble at all and we had a few jars in the pub up the road on the way to the tube. Right dive, but nice atmos.
  4. West Ham have tried to stamp out the hooligan element. and build a family club Millwall are repeat offenders, if that is indeed the case tonite. Shit club with shite fans. all this in a week when callum davidson may lose his leg after getting stabbed, sad times for hammers fans!
  5. There are reinforcements being moved to the ground and also trouble in the ground too.
  6. West Hams "Inter city" and Millwalls "Bushwackers", have organised this, make no bones about it. Both clubs should have the book thrown at them.
  7. Clever cnut :roll:

    Equalises with 3 minutes to go and, yep celbrates infront of the Milwall fans :x

    Utter throbber
  8. Stupid fecker.

    Inciting trouble.
  9. Play was suspended, just kicked off again.

    Just stop the game, kick both of them out the cup and make them play behind closed doors.

    Edited because its 3-1.
  10. Elijah Wood has reportedly been arrested.
  11. Dog shit the whole thing.
  12. I'm forever blowing bubbles...
  13. Michael Jackson re-incarnated :?
  14. Did Zola switch sides at half time?
  15. I remember when West Ham got petrol bombed at St James Park..

    He's only a poor little hammer

    His clothes are all tattered and torn

    He came for a fight so we set him alight

    And now he wont come any more..

    Sigh.... those happy days when we could afford petrol bombs.

    I'm forever throwing bottles, pretty bottles in the air

    They fly so high, they split your eye

    And then like a baby you fall and cry... etc