Trotiscliffe chopper?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know why there is a Gazelle parked in a field there? Seen it several times.Never seems to be moved.
  2. It's Troppers personal cab. It's on 24/7 standby in case the balloon goes up and he needs to save the world.
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  3. If it's Tropper''s on 25/8.
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  4. Seen the price of fuel lately?
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  5. Wait a mo.....Tropper hasnt posted for ages, perhaps something really major is going on somewhere further than a Gayelle can get to. No doubt we will be informed when he gets back, wearing a necklace of human ears no doubt...
  6. Just looked on Google Streetview. It's not there now.
  7. No - that's because something more sinister is happening now...........

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  8. I came home once to find a Chinook and an Apache parked up in the field behind my house between me and the old farmhouse, which is rented out.

    Later on I saw a chap, in his 50's walking to the Chinook, in combats, along with some chappie carrying a suitcase and a bergen.

    Asking the local farmer I found out the farmhouse is rented to "someone high up in the Army". Another neighbour believes he is something to do with commanding "them".

    Not that that has anything what so ever to do with a Gazelle in deepest Kent!
  9. Thanks Spanky,that explains eveything quite clearly.