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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by shemulie, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Is it true that troops were banned from wearing trops in NI as they are a fire hazard. Put it short the synthetic material melts, not burns, with say a petrol bomb, in much the same way we don't wear under-armour or synthetic stuff now because of the same with IED's and RPGs?

    Or was the just the new trops, or old trops, whats the difference? And what is this t-bag material?
  2. LCpl Steve Tavener D and D was killed in 1983 in XMG in an IED, he suffered (not sure of the %) very nasty burns, he was apparently wearing trops which accounted for his conditon, we were banned from them because of this incident.

    RIP Steve
  3. I know from my mates in the US that they are not allowed any synthetic clothing that carries such a hazard any more as part of their uniform at any time.

    That mean no under armour, and the military being a huge part of their sales, I know they've come up with at least one flame retardant long sleeved T shirt atm.

    Pretty sure this regulation came into effect about the same time we were getting dished out new sweat wicking synthetic t-shirts and undies. :\\ don't get that logic, especially after incidents years back such as bangalore pointed out.

    Weren't the old old trops all cotton?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We wore on ops what we could get away with! No change there then, after the Falklands there was a review of man made clothing fibres due to the horrific burns suffered on ships.
    This did filter down and we had a No Lightweight Trs rule during riot season, the rest of the year full DPM in Urban was considered agressive.
    The trops and I still have a pair were very lightweight although with enough washing you could get a cotton feel they were I'm sure a mixture unlike the old OG's.
  5. Always used to chuckle at those rulings - combats/face-cam/no2 haircuts considered too aggressive. Unlike, for example, the rifle and FRG you are carrying... :D