Tropping the Colour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tropper66, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. On the BBC now and its brilliant,
  2. This is what makes Britain GREAT!
  3. Always does the heart good! My parents were invited guests at it some years ago and they loved it.
  4. But.... is marking time not with the thigh parallel to the ground anymore????
  5. could do with some mick swagger tho...
  6. I just saw an upskirt shot.
  7. This isn't the NAAFI bar. Fcuk off and die. Twice.
  8. why are some not wearing white gloves, this is not a critisism just wondered as we always had to when i was on parade..
  9. Calm the fukc down you emotional wreck.
  10. As good an Escort as I've ever seen (even 1982!)
    Bloody well done Grenadiers.
    Drummers call was Superb!
    Troop; great.
    Wish I was there lads.
  11. It says on the BBC 1 info tab that this is also available in HD, but I can't find it. Anyone got any idea which channel it's on, if at all?
  12. At work at the moment but will watch tonight on sky+.
    Trooping the Colour, England in the World Cup and a chicken madras, life doesn't get any better!
  13. I like watching the Trooping of the Colour though it pisses me off when the BBC feel the need to zoom in on black soldiers all the time. What's that all about? Are they trying to make some sort of point?
  14. Probably to subtely remind us there is football stuff going on in Africa. In case we hadn't noticed.
  15. Red Button Ch 301 I think