Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. Is there anything this cunt has not claimed to have done yet?
  2. He hasn't claimed to discover a new planet yet! But when he does he can go and reside there :wink:
    Bollocks, tits, wank, fuck, shit, twat.
  3. A female ?????
  4. There was a thread of all his stories and claims, but I think it was deleted
  5. Of which species???
  6. Learnt swahili? Bugger he has one those Star Trek inter-galactic translators. I know he has because he invented them.
  7. He invented wikipidea, it was to be called Tropper but he wanted to be the grey man.
  8. Got you cunts going though didn't I,
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  9. Just admit it, you all want to be Tropper as he's just so awesome. God goes to Troppers BBQ's.
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  10. Please refrain from this online bullying of Tropper. Your just jealous that he invented the following:

    i. The Internet
    ii. The Sea Harrier
    iii. Facebook
    iv. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
    v. Tampax
    vi. Downs Syndrome
    vii. Christianity
    viii. The Great Wall of China
    ix. Burger King
    x. Anal Beads
  11. Not after that Currywust mit Kartoffel I did last night
  12. This is true, I keep asking him to be my internet dad but he's just too modest
  13. I've changed my religion to Tropperist, join us brother and we can become disciples.
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  14. Has Tropper ever started a thread just so he can have a go at someone?
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  15. praytell,what does this religion involve? something more original than tampering with little boys i hope? already done to death,that one.