Tropical version of (Occifers) No1 dress?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 4(T), Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. What is the correct order of dress for No1/Blues in a tropical location?

    (a) presumably its a white patrol jacket; anyone know a decent tailor with experience of these?

    (b) would (a) be paired with normal blue wool overalls and boots/spurs, or would it be white trousers a la diplomatic corps?

    (c) cross-belt, lines and sword slings presumably gilt as per normal Blues?
  2. As long as you have two cherries and a little umbrella in your martini glass you will be considered properly dressed.
  3. Try Kashket in London recommended to me by RQMS in Chelsea Bks some years ago. I found them very good and cheaper than the previous tailor that I was using.
  4. You've got it right. Now get down on your knees and pray that you don't have to wear it. The rig is stifling. The patrol jacket will seem to get tighter and tighter round your neck to the point where you want to rip the hooks off.
  5. The tailors know the score and mine is relatively comfortable even in very hot and humid. I sweat like a rapist in a balaclava at the best of times and certainly don't find this order of dress any worse than a suit in the same weather conditions. Get the tailor to make it a comfortable fit rather than figure hugging.
  6. Only one thing worse than a No 1 jacket and that's a ceremonial jacket.
  7. Kashketts aer the dogs for tailoring. Full dress is a woollen sweat shop. Dont even dream of wearing that abroad. I can get you the number for Kashketts if you want it.
  8. Thanks for the responses; so its a white patrol jacket, but everything else the same as normal No1s?

    Have worn normal messkit to a tropical function: particularly liked the way sweat runs down the legs and fills up the wellies - making a squishy noise as if ones done a river crossing! Full respect to our Victorian forfathers who actually campaigned and fought whilst wearing this stuff....
  9. Wear your George boots instead of wellies. Infinitely lighter and a helluva lot more comfortable.

    Any mug can rough it ;)
  10. Answer is No 3 dress which are white patrol tunic, all other accoutriments exactly the same including 'bombs' on the collar. If you're in Cyprus get it made there when you arrive at a fraction of UK prices. If in Gib they are issued. If you're wearing them anywhere else you are probably a Walt! Or make me an offer for mine (6'1" tall, manly chest etc) - pm me if you want it. Don't forget to insist on Gunner pockets rather than inf ones if you have one tailored.
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  12. Got your pm thanks, and have replied.
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  14. try the YOs' shop at Larkhill. full of all sorts of tropical kit