Tropical Service Dress - Wanted

Discussion in 'Officers' started by DPM, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Anyone out there able to help me source some Tropical Service Dress (No 4?) to fit a 6ft 0in, 34inch (and growing) waist?

    Good price ono...


  2. I have got a set and it would probably fit. However, unlike the normal stuff, I signed for it out of the QM's store in Cyprus and got it tailored. Speak to your QM and you can probably get it issued.
  3. easy...send a email to "QM" BFPO 11 you will get your advice...

    Or turn up with none...get made local...cheaper!!!!!
  4. There always used to be loads in YOs shop at Larkhill. Don't know about sizes, but there is a fair chance of getting some.
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Cheers for the steers - I'll see what I can find.