Tropical Mess Kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bombs, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Please can someone setlle a 'heated debate'?

    1) Where can tropical mess kit be worn? Does it just have to be in the Tropics? What about a hot day in the UK?

    2) Are trade qualification badges worn? eg para

    3) For regiments who wear the stock collar with temperate mess kit, do they wear a golfball shirt and bow-tie like everyone else?
  2. My last posting was Cyprus, wher we had those nice white nylon mess dress jackets. My Corps normally wears one of those cod-cavalry waistcoats under the jacket, but there it was white shirt, black tie & cummerbund. And, yes, trade badges can be worn. Well, we all wore ours. Don't know about wearing it on a hot day in a 'temperate' climatic zone, though.
  3. I have attended Summer Balls at UK RAF and RN Messes where permission was granted for white Mess Dress jackets to be worn due to hot weather, by members of all 3 services.
  4. I suppose it depends on the ordered dress, but generally, in my experience, white mess dress jackets are worn when summer dress is in effect.

    Qualification badges, such as para, usually in miniature form, are worn.

    I have seen the standard mess dress jacket worn without waistcoat, shirt tie and cumberbund instead, for summer mess dress as well.

    What is a "golfball shirt" ?
  5. It refers to Marcella, a sort of pique effect which resemble the surface of a golf ball.
  6. That's common? We wore stiff front or pleated front shirts with mess dress
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Stiff fronted shirts - very flash, but pleated fronts, can't help feeling they are a bit Jason King. Golfball are definitly a step up from pleated.
  8. I got away with just wearing a cummerbund with my messkit for years.and it was with THE BIG MANS permission. it said so in the mess meeting minutes
    8) :lol: 8O
  9. When I was in 3PARA we just used to roll up the sleeves of our normal mess kit! :lol:

  10. ...and in 3 Para mortars, that was just before they pulled down the 'overalls' :D
  11. How many SNCO's & Officers own a No11 Dress White Mess Jacket?
    There cannot be many places in the world left to wear one!

    Last time I wore mine was in Australia where they have a Summer & Winter Dress for all uniforms. Same Miniature Bullion Trade or Skill at Arms Badges were worn as with No10 Temperate Mess Dress.
  12. 4) Does your bum look big in it too?
  13. Did the heat double your IQ too?
  14. Yes, but it depends on the pleated front. Some are very cheesey, others are not. Lace front is out :lol:

    The description of Golfball shirts remind of '70s women's "bubble" shirts. :lol:
  15. a good tailor could have hidden that :)