Tropical combats

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by G4commando, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Hey there does any one know where i can get some large size tropical combats (not the tea bag sort), as I'm off to Belize for 3 months and find them more comfortable than CS95.
    I tried Dropzone Supplies old school stuff but the largest shirt they do is 190/120 which is my smock size so will be too big.
    Help will be much appreciated.
  2. Silvermans?

    Failing that have you tried googling?

    I think they are very much out of vogue now adays, with the makers that is.

    Have you signed our petition? See my signature block for details.
  3. Do a search on Ebay, there are loads of the old school ones on sale there.
    I would offer a link but LCSSR wont let me access E Bay. :(
  4. Have you signed the petition though LS?
  5. C_Frog could you lose the sig block you have f@cked my scroll button
  6. Drop Zone Supplies in Brize Norton to there own version of it in heavy weight but breathable material. They're far superior to the issue ones.
  7. somebody had an advert in c&S selling old style tropicals to be mega ally this summer :twisted:
  8. G4 Commando,

    I have assorted new un-issued sizes (deffo a jkt 112/190) but it is the 'tea bag' sort I fear. I will check if you PM me your sizes

    Please don't tell me that you subscribe or buy C&S? (AKA Walt Porn)

    Reading it in Smiths, for the adverts is, however, just about acceptable.....But buying it is a 'Walt Crime'
  9. Yeah, that was Drop Zone Supplies at Brize. Better quality than the originals because of heavy weight material but still retains the breathability.
  10. Agreed and the manager is a good bloke - always a plus
  11. Yep, signed it weeks ago 8)
  12. no read it in borders as well as soldier of fortune but got strange looks when laughing at airsoft international
    now that is the walts magazine of choice.
    lots of amazing toys but very sad and rather scary