Trophy video shows contractors randomly shooting Iraqis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Would not like to comment until I have seen the video or preferably the entire footage from which the video was taken.
  2. Seems it exists, can't anyone on ARRSE find it and post it up?
  3. Errr. Quite. Seems like collective memories too quickly forget past efforts in this arena - Mirror photographs anyone?
  4. The quote "The families don't get money or compensation" seems a bit odd to say the least. If my family was involved in such an incident the first thought on my mind would be justice or revenge. My cynical side would suggest that some of these people might have run a vehicle check in the hope of getting compensation from the U.S or H.M governments, only to suffer the disappointment of being brassed up by private sector security. I have very little knowledge of what you blokes encounter in Iraq, but could the reason that so many go out of their way to provoke a blue be good old fashioned baksheesh. As I always point out when commenting on current military matters, I am neither British or military, so fire at will.
  5. Will who?
  6. It was here apparently

    Edited by PTP to avoid the dramas that will undoubtedly follow

    This is the stitch up web site inhabited by ex a**** blokes with an axe to grind

    the whole site paints a fairly grim picture

    not seen the vid though

  7. The full Sunday Telegraph article is here and the vids purport to show action on Route Irish
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Fück me! I suppose that's one way to stop tailgaters...
  9. Bunch of psychopaths........W1nkers in civvies - you can bet they'll be safe but anyone in uniform's life is made so much more dangerous because of this video........
    Just imagine this video had been made by Muslims on the streets of Britain - what would you want to do about it?
  10. I have seen the video a few weeks ago, but now as they say it has been removed. It does show clips of a tail gunner opening up on a number of cars that were behind it, with rounds impacting the bonnet(s)...
  11. I deny anyone who has done top cover not to have thought that driving round shooting cars at random would be fun,but, This
    is real life not some video game to not only do this but then put it on the net :roll: .Unless it is heavily edited I think this bozoes should be in abu graid having there bollocks electcuted imho .The only saving grace it seems at least one of the locals escaped.
  12. This video has apparently caused a bit of fuss on the www, hard to tell who they are, why they are shooting or whether they have a large sign on the back of the vehicle telling people to FO or get shot!!
    Still got to get Iraqi backs up because it looks like random shooting set to a rather fun track.
  13. Why would it get just Iraqi's backs up?

    Did anyone see any actual hard targets in that last video? The last "target" engaged in that video got out of his car , with a "what the wooly blouse and skirt is going on" type stance, not screaming "Alluh Akbar eat Islamic 7.62 infidel dogs"

    Most strange video.
  14. I mean its potentially something to turn more middle of the road Iraqis to the darkside, it is a strange vid but the Yanks do have signs on the back of their motors stating come within 100m and your brown bread!
    A couple of the cars do appear to be approaching quite fast but it still looks to be a turkey shoot of sorts??