Trophy Assistance Please.

I've just started running a competition within my Det called (imaginatively) The Cadet of The Year Competition.

It's really quite a hard one, the cadets earn (or lose) points for practically everything they do. It requires sustained effort all year to win and some of my cadets have really taken this to heart and are working their arrses off for it.

My problem is to source a suitable trophy to present at the end of the year. I really don't want to fob them off with some mass-produced trash from your average trophy shop.

Our LI company has a trophy that takes the form of a bronxe bugler in a glass and mahogany case with brass plates on the outside for the names of winners to be engraved. I'd like to find something of this magnitude, perhaps with a Yorkshire Regt theme?

The winning cadet will also get a small trophy to keep, a cash prize and whatever Army freebies I can lay my hands on (anyone got anything going spare by the way?)

Any ideas anyone.
Try the PRI shop of the Yorkshire Regt. But due to re-branding theres feck all stock. Or contact RHQ.
We did a similiar thing.
I found a good trophy to be the bronze statues, large type.
Although they are quite expensive there is a large range to choose from and most have a place for a small cap badge to be attached.
You could then buy a glass case and fit the statue inside, with a brass plate for engraving.
You can get the statues from cadet direct and quite a lot of other retailers.
why not get a large shield, the ones with 20 small metal shields to engrave the cadets name.

Local branch of the comrades association would be happy to buy it for you....

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