Troops Wristbands!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pangur_Ban, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. More kack for unsuspecting fashion victims.
  2. Joker did this already: here.
  3. Any squaddie seen wearing one should have a spoon nailed into their eye, big blunt end first
  4. It’s nothing but chav shite.
  5. That could generate cash for whatever causes the supplier decides to sponsor.

    As previously stated, as long as the cash is going to the right charity then anyone buying/wearing any emblem that shows they have decided and made a conscientious decisions to support our Armed forces can only be a good thing.

    Rather a Chav style 'Support Our Troops' than a rather dashing green T-shirt with 'Baby Killers' on it I say.

  6. Can I put in an order for a 'baby killer' t-shirt? Large (44"chest) please. How much?
  7. Tit! :roll:

    You can drag your sorry ARRSE up to Camden and get one for yourself, and don't forget to twat the stall holder in the same manner we witnessed a few weekends ago by a couple of lads on leave. :)

  8. OK 'tit mode off' (but it is a boring Sunday afternoon).

    I shall pop dahn to Camden and ask him if he has any 'I tw*tted a stallholder' t-shirts.

    (I would still like a baby killer one though).
  9. That might work, if you hit him first!

    Beebs ;)
  10. The DPM wristbands are the only ones you're allowed to wear in uniform in our squadron!
  11. DPM ear-rings, tongue studs and tiaras are next.
  12. Oh cool! Where can I get some of them???

    (I'm joking by the way!)
  13. Try HCR PRI - Harry's arrival will be a boost for their sales. Also DPM blisters.
  14. The FANY has had DPM tiaras for ages - hasn't everybody?'s tiara should always match the lingerie