Troops Wouldnt Want To Be In Our Shoes

From today´s Daily Record
'On Hearing About 9/11, Bush Didn't Move A Muscle, Yet A Size 11 Hush Puppy Comes At Him And He's Like Something Out Of Matrix'

THE UK government have finally announced a date for a decent time to withdraw from Iraq.

It was March 21, 2003.

Gordon Brown announced there will be a "rapid withdrawal" of British troops. Up until now, he's been allowing a slow withdrawal of troops, by letting them be gradually killed off.

I know some troops don't want to leave Iraq, not while the country is in economic collapse, the government can barely be called in control and there is violence on every street corner. I don't blame them - who wants to come back home to all that?
singha61 said:
the government can barely be called in control
How dare you! Typical Daily Mail reader etc etc.

Here's a photo from the Sun showing Gordon saving the world (again). Ironically, he's at an energy conference.


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