Troops within Batteries (RA Glossary of Terms book)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. :D hi Guys, more help need for the book please!

    I am trying to include Troop Names together with their "Parent" Battery:?

    I have for example, those for B Battery RHA, but need to confirm the others before committing fingers to keyboard.

    Thanks in advance, your support so far with this project has been terrific.
  2. L (Nery) Bty
    Bradbury, Dorrell and Nelson Troop's
    3 VC's before breakfast hurrah! 1st September 1914

    Connolly Troop
    7th July 1857

    All troop names used in varying degree throughout the history of the battery.
  3. N Battery (The Eagle Troop) R(H)A used to have:-

    Leslie's Troop - named after the BC at the Battle of Hyderabad

    Brooke's Troop named after the FM Alan Brooke who served in the battery.

    129 Dragon Battery used to have plain C & D Troops around 1980-83. I think they were the junior battery of a four battery Regiment after when 49 joined 38 129 & 137 in 40. I recall that 137 were senior to 129.

    The recruit Batteries always had named troops

    I thinki 59 Battey (ATR Pirbright) still has Tangier & vartious other Gunner honour title names

    24 used to have Alemein as gun troop. I have no idea what they doi now.
  4. Guys

    Thanks for the input, any more would be gratefully appreciated.
  5. 22 (Gibraltar 1779-1783) Bty RA

    Dovers Tp - Named after Capt Dovers, the first BC
    Koehler Tp - Named after Lt Koehler the man who invented the Koehler Gun, which is the one that fires downhill
    Sortie Tp - Named after The Great Sortie of the 27th Nov 1781, which is the Bty Day

    This was the case in 99 when I left the Bty befoer it became a proper UAV Bty, I believe there are 3 Flight Troops, if so I am unsure wether Dovers Troop is still BHQ or a Flight Troop or if the third troop even has a name
  6. Sadly N Battery (The Eagle Troop) is now only as big as 1 Troop, so we don't use Troop names any more.

    I can't remember what troops we had in 19 Regt - memory. very. poor...
  7. edited for being thick.
  8. Clausewitz - your bold - pretty sure. Alanbrooke (or just Alan Brooke as he was then) served in the Eagle Troop up until and just into WW1. Described in a biography of him as being a wonderful time and one of the best postings he had. Of course, because we are wonderful!!

    In fact when researching the Battery history I found quite a few miltary big-wigs in the archives...well done us and there's hope for me yet!
  9. 17 Training Regiment Royal Artillery and Depot

    59 Asten Battery Royal Artillery

    Sphinx Troop
    Le Cateau Troop
    Colenso Troop

    Couldn't tell you any of the troop names in 24 Irish Battery RA. *Spits on floor*

    Anyone knows that Sphinx Troop was the best, anyway.... :D
  10. Troops in 59 and 24 Btys would change frequently, in my day Sphinx Tp was in 24 and 59 had Le Cateau, Colenso and Martinique
  11. I make you right on that one.

    Martinique was the biff/back-squad troop when I was there.
  12. You got all the JLRRA troop names?
  13. Unfortunately not, if you can help I will be very grateful.
  14. Park Troop
  15. The Chestnut Troop's are (or at least were) Ross Troop after Sir Hew Ross, venerable BC of many years and Alkmaar Troop after the Troop's first action in 1799. Has had 3 or 4 troops in the past but I don't know the names.