Troops will fight Taliban without vital Chinooks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Troops will fight Taliban without vital Chinooks
    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondant
    Last Updated: 12:04am GMT 17/02/2008

    British troops serving in southern Afghanistan have been warned that no extra Chinook helicopters will be made available for at least 12 months, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

    The delay has frustrated Army commanders and could undermine operations against the Taliban, who are expected to launch a full-scale spring offensive against British and Nato forces.

    The helicopter shortage will force more troops to travel by armoured vehicle, rendering them vulnerable to attack with bombs and mines, which have been responsible for many deaths in the past 18 months.
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  2. And without maneuver capability they will continue to take and retake the same ground again.
  3. Its like ww1, taking afew miles of land, being pushed back, retaking it, living in trenches. Big respect to the guys who have to fight like that!

  4. You're right; it's EXACTLY like WWI - lions led by fcuking DONKEYS!!! :x
  5. Enough to make you weep.
    For Her Majesty's Governement it would seem,
    Bloods cheaper the microchips.
  6. Look at it from Gordon Browns perspective.

    A few more dead squaddies (Who dont vote liarbor anyway) are a small price to pay for a lower defence budget.

    I've said it before and I'm saying it again, never underestimate the hatred this corrupt and incompetent socialist has for us.

    He hates us because he fears us.

    He doesn't see us as protectors of democracy, even though thats his justification for sending us worldwide.

    He sees us as a threat.

    He is blind to the truth (No pun intended)
  7. Tony Blair sent us to war (no probs with that tbf)

    Gordon Brown refused to fund it. fat cnut.
  8. I often have trouble explaining to Yanks just how the British Labour Party basically Hates the US and all it stands for.
  9. And I had trouble explaining to a Slovakian taxi driver that the British government of today is NO different that the one his country suffered for half a fcuking century: communism in a new suit.
  10. The Americans may save our skin if the two marine bns are attached to UK forces in the south. Or will they take over!
  11. Don't worry, we have Merlin and Puma!

    *Takes cover*
  12. They might not save our skin but the aviation support they bring with them will come in useful!
  13. hey, you guys have a handful of 25 year old Sea Kings out there - what more do you want?

    I'd love to know what a couple of squadrons of brand new Mi-171s would cost. My guess is, not a lot.
  14. Sorry John, you added one word too many, your post should have read:

    I often have trouble explaining to Yanks just how the British Labour Party basically Hates US!
  15. theres nothing good to say about labour or this country under them. Isnt it time somebody just took power off them..