Heard that 4 ? Regt came home ( D mail again) and had a march through Abingdon ,but it wasnt a crowd puller - was this advertised so that people could turn out and welcome the guys bacK?? or was it another oraganised FUBB???
or werse nobody gave a shit, did the local schools etc know and the town hall tossers.....
Any body know what happened?
Could have used my bus pass and fired up the zimmer frame if I'd known........
From what I read in the Mail on Sunday they were marching through Abingdon on the way to a memorial service in the local church and it wasn't a homecoming parade as such but saying that there was hardly any fcuker on the street clapping them by. They had a couple of pictures attached to the report.
Aha! general f*ckup in the comms dept not telling anyone then that the troops were going to march to the church - speaking ot a few of my mates around oxford they new nuthing of it.

They must have clossed off the roads to allow it , -so much for the political (oops) press officer then! :?
Pretty sure it was announced in advance in the local papers here!
A very poor showing from the locals, but good drills from the troops to march through the town. Plus did you see the piccy of The Ark Royal at the bottom of the page, looks more like the QE2.
saintstone said:
A very poor showing from the locals, /quote]

Thats what I am trying to understand - what went wrong ? Most perople I meet agree we have a high crapped on Factor and sympathise with the troops on the ground,even my brother and he reads the Guardian -which does not normally prevent a showing on the streets followed by a lunchtime session.

still confused


War Hero
Loads turned out in nearby Didcot for 11 EOD Regt, I see no reason, with the same publicity, that the people of Abingdon would stay away
Slightly off topic but the following papagraph at the end of the column concerned me:

"The Army is so short of soldiers that it has hired Group 4 Securicor to help train British troops heading for frontline operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The £7million contract will see the private company's staff being paid to demonstrate key military skills such as quelling riots, storming enemy compounds and carrying out vehicle checks - as well as dressing up to play the parts of enemy fighters or local civilians in training exercises.

Currently such demonstrations and play-acting are carried out by serving British soldiers who are drawn from other units to help their colleagues prepare for hazardous operations abroad.

But with the Army struggling to cope with the demands of simultaneous operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence admitted yesterday that the ground-breaking deal was intended to "free up resources".

Although the Army uses small numbers of civilians in specialist training such as language classes, this is the first time it has used private companies to provide more general training in front-line operationalskills.

Group Four Securicor stressed that it would use only former soldiers, mostly recentlyretired Gurkhas, to fulfil the training contract. "

Group 4 to conduct training sessions, all be it with ex Gurkas, how long before there are not enough ex-soldiers to carry out the training? And Group 4....
As has been said before, I think a lack of publicity is at fault here.

On a lighter note wtf are the rear party up to?

Rear party are doing what they usually do: feeling sorry for themselves, making noise about how hard it is to be on rear party and generally getting fatter.

I remember an Adjt once failing to enter any Regt subalterns in for long cses; failure to advertise a welcome home parade barely registers.

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