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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by caenmatt, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all
    I have seen on the news that the programme for troops to teachers is going to be trested in the Manchester area. Has anyone got any information on this? Links etc.
    not being lazy, the infomation i have found is outdated.

    Cheers Matt
  2. I am being lazy. Find it you ******* self
  3. You're mistaken.

    The school in Manchester that's got lots of ex squaddies working in it is a FREE SCHOOL that has chosen to employ ex squaddies. Free schools are run independently of the government and can employ whoever they please to teach.

    Troops to Teachers isn't being rolled out yet (I don't think it is anyway) and when it is the first tranche will be c.100 people and SNCO/WO/Offr ranks. It will be a fast-track degree followed by the same on the job teacher training as anyone else who wants to change from their current role to teaching. That means it's not going to be easy and will certainly not mean any old punter can just bimble from soldiering to teaching in a week...

    Those going on the scheme would be (I'd imagine) less shouty, bluffing, Trg Wg types and more the kind of intelligent leader that doesn't need to hide behind his rank slide. Kids in the kinds of schools they'll be pushing T2T candidates to don't give a **** who you were or what you did...
  4. As above, the scheme is not active yet, if it ever happens at all, it's not popular in teaching circles. Not sure how this fast track degree will work. I've just completed four years at University, foundation year and chemistry degree, and start PGCE Secondary science next week.
  5. Ah, another great teacher with lots of life experience in the making.......... didn't fancy the real world for a bit first in order to bring something else to the table other than pure academia ? Or are you a mature student with experience to bring to the students ?

    I'm of an age where all my most inspiring teachers had serious real world experience both in things like WW2 , or the military in general and were pretty much all parents too so had lots of non book knowledge.
  6. Well I'm of an age to be a 39 year old father of 2, exSNCO, with 12 years served in 29 Commando RA. Tick enough boxes for you, now wind it.
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  7. To be fair d_b, almerkerkey doesn't say that all he has done is Uni then off to teach (unless you know more of his background than he has said there?).

    Am not surprised that its not popular in the teaching world but then why would it be? Lots of intelligent people with transferrable skills, life skills and experience to real pressure environments invading their cosy little staff room knock-off-for-6-weeks-summer-hols world.

    I am planning on teaching when I get out in '14 and recently watched a panorama or similar doc on a school in Birmingham I think which has lots of ex military teachers and very close links with the local ACF or CCF. Funnily enough, Christine Blower, head of the NUT voiced her concern at it. Her arguement was that kids won't react well to people shouting and ordering them about. I thought that her closed, narrow minded comments, insinuating that we are all Windsor Davies "It aint 'alf hot mum" types was typical of someone who has no concept of the type of people who work in the Armed Forces.

    I felt like shouting at her and putting her on pan bash for a month....
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  8. You would need CBA and helmet for the schools around my area!!! Make sure you don't had it back in!!
  9. In which case you'll probably be a bloody good teacher so don't be so defensive !

    My beef is with young 'uns who have no life experiences and are often only a few years older than the kids they teach. Re-read my post ..............
  10. Sorry, you obviously touched a nerve, I'll be working on increasing my flash to bang for the classroom.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    From the White Paper:

    Download here:

    2.15 We will also encourage Armed Forces leavers to become teachers, by developinga ‘Troops to Teachers’ programme which will sponsor service leavers to train asteachers. We will pay tuition fees for PGCEs for eligible graduates leaving theArmed Forces and work with universities to explore the possibility of establishinga bespoke compressed undergraduate route into teaching targeted at ArmedForces leavers who have the relevant experience and skills but may lack degreelevelqualifications. We will encourage Teach First to work with the services asthey develop Teach Next, so that service leavers are able to take advantage of newopportunities to move into education. Service leavers also have a great deal tooffer young people as mentors and we will be looking to increase opportunitiesfor this. The charity Skill Force does fantastic work in this area enabling moreformer Armed Forces personnel to work alongside the children who benefit most​
    from their support.
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  13. No worries mate. Good luck in your new profession :)
  14. Hi all
    Thanks for the replies; I have looked into skillforce and the mentoring scheme. The white paper was brought out last year around November. I believe this scheme is of the back of the white paper.
    I am ex RA with 13 years service history and I have been out for 9 years. I now work in the adult education sector and have completed my PTLLS and CTLLS (Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector and certificate to teach in the lifelong learning centre).
    This seems like an ideal opportunity for someone in my situation.
  15. hee hee! Nice one, Centurion!
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