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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Blodders, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. In the run-up to the GE, the Tories were talking up introducing a Troops to Teachers scheme. Does anyone know if any more has been said/done on this? I will be finishing in 4 yrs (or 2 if I can't stick the extra VEng years!!) and I'm quite interested, teaching is my family's "trade".
  2. Todays Sunday Times refers-Teach Next-a programme where if you have a degree you could be n schools in as little as 6 weeks. Also 9 k of bursary for a 2 year teacher training course. Oddly enough the NUT don't like the idea.
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I assume this only applies to teaching in England. Anyone know if there is a similar scheme planned for Scotland?
  4. Bearing in mind that there can be;
    No raised voices
    No negative criticism
    No sarcasm
    No blame
    Nobody's fault
    And God forbid NO physical restraint
    Let alone the idea of discipline or respect, or punishment.
    What exactly will Ex-forces be able to do that the current round of teachers can't?
    They will be better able to defend themselves when a parent goes mental, but that aside I think it looks like another stunt.
    I noticed that the first drafts quite often had a Battle Dressed WO1 in shouty mode as a headline picture, try it, see what happens.

    Plus the NUT tend towards the right-on all military are baby killers view of the Forces, so don't expect too much support from them.
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  5. Is scowling and raising an eyebrow allowed?
  6. Der, simple innit. Teachers should only be selected from the finest of university dwellers and 'permenant' students who are fearful of entering the workplace. People with actual experience of life outside of the campus walls will have all sorts of differing ideas and views on life.

    It just wouldn't work.

    Besides. Everyone knows the soldiers will only be recruiting kids in their classes to become rightwing, crypto-fasicist, baby killing pawns of the imperium.... or, you know, something.
  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    In parallel to this is the push to expand cadet forces in state schools.

    Cadet forces to be expanded in state schools - Telegraph

    Although predictably the teaching unions are against it...

  8. Or the kids will realise the bod at the front is confident and are actually quite professional, with all the usual bits that is expected of a Armed Forces Instructor/teacher. Not a damp blouse like many teachers are.

    There is no 'magic' just Confidence, a good Mannder, a good Attitude, Diligence in preparing and executing the lessons and in the follow through and all around Enthusiam for teaching/instructing the lesson/in general.

    Coupled with a spot of Self-Less commitment (ie not going on strike), respect for Others ie the kids and fellow staff, Loyalty, as before, Integrity, Discipline both self and encouraging others, Courage to do what is right and if neccesary physical courage.

    Stand by Mr and Miss limp wrist. The teaching profession is about to get better, so you'd might aswell think of something to study for your Doctorate and p1ss off back in to academia.
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  9. The education system was a lot better post WW2 to the early sixties when the majority of teachers were ex-forces. O.K, it was strict & there were at times unnecessary corporal punishment (pun not intended) but the kids actually left school literate. Then the tree hugging left-wing feckin' liberal dope smoking bleedin' heart hippies took over.
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  10. For once I agree with a union mans quote, There are reasons the army maintain discipline ranging from MCTC to getting a dig when no-one is looking, but none are applicable in a school (nowdays).
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  11. Er? I disagree.

    If the only ways you can think of to maintain discipline involve MCTC or giving someone a slap, then you need to take a serious look at how you go about your business. Especially if you hold a rank other than Private.
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  12. Yeah, a union man called Christine... :roll:
  13. I said ranging from, everything in between from AGAIs to shit jobs to fines to promotion bans, I think the best you will give out at a school is a detention and there are only so many of them you can give out.
  14. DOH,,,,,,,,