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Troops to Teachers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by meridian, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

  2. A few beastings around the playground won't go amiss either. Mind you there might be a tadge too much jailbait on show for the average squaddie to handle
  3. Don't you just love the Guardian Reader's little comments at the bottom of the page?

    Although some of the comments carry a little weight i.e. If the kids become unruly, what good is shouting at them going to do? As anyone who's been in a police cell in the latter stages of the day will know, one thing you can always count on, is the recurring visit from the 12 year old smiling rat-boy who's been brought in for the 4th time that day, who knows more about his rights than the solicitor stood next to him.

    And since when does wearing a blazer and tie stop some kid from bunking off school and carrying a knife?

    Gotta love the Tories... They all think they're growing in popularity. It never occured to them that people are just hating GB & Co more.

    Could work though - and a tenner to the first ex-squaddie who teaches naked bar without being entered onto 'that register'
  4. As if the kids will give a rats ass who someone is ? A very few ex service types look like Cro-Magnon man, some ex donkey walloping sh*thouse with a couple of quals and a louder than average drill voice has as much chance of getting hounded than the next.
  5. Gosh the readership are not happy, the liberal bleatings are deafening.
  6. It would help if whichever government removed the rules around not being able to effectively punish the little darlings.

    An ex-squaddie with his/her hands tied is no good to anyone.
  7. It would help if whichever government removed the rules around not being able to effectively punish the little darlings.

    An ex-squaddie with his/her hands tied is no good to anyone.
  8. It could work as long as the ex-bill oddie can instgate beastings, log runs & chin any gobby the good ol' days, thats whats needed....a gobby sprog wasnt gobby for long...........any hoo any normal ex squaddie would be on the register during Uni phase.
  9. Opinions?
  10. I reckon they should bring back the cane, it would bring them into line!

    Im forever told the "back in my day story" by my dad of when teacher smacked the kids, why did they ban it????
  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I got the impression that they planned to untie those hands. Squaddies in the classroom strikes me as a headline grabber and another attempt to bask in the glow of the Forces. The whole thing will only work as part of a wider strategy to get education, and society, back up to speed. They're talking the talk on that part, and I hope to God they can walk the walk.
  12. If shouting is required then it happens, The only time lots of shouting went on was in trg!

    Bullying It happens everywhere....especially in school, so Ex squaddie teacher could sort bullying out by having the sports field at his disposal for attitude correction lessons.

    Unquestioning obidience Hmm disipline is a good thing
  13. Not just ex squaddies. What the classroom really needs are a few Swansea trannies.
    That should keep the Guardian readers happy.
  14. Exactly, Id have killed for a big mongoloid ex squaddie type with white socks on and a tache, id have driven him f*cking bananas,
  15. Someone's been watching Dangerous Minds haven't they?

    I think just giving the teachers riot batons would be a better idea.