Troops to Teachers (TTT)

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by ExSigsRA, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I know its probably been done before so please do whine at me about it,but I saw sometime ago about a government incentive to get Troops into Teaching.

    I have looked for any information on this and have found nothing about it, does anyone know if this incentive is still going on or was it all part of the "great ideas but none materialised incentive."

    Also does anyone know what grants etc are available for mature students going to Uni, I know there is loads on the web about it but was wondering if anyone recently had managed to do this and get grants etc.

    thanks for your help.
  2. Try the search maybe?
  3. I've been looking at going into teaching. PM me your academic quals and I will let you know what your options might be.
  4. I wrote a thread about this a while back, basically the main jist of the scheme is to get ex squaddies teaching core subjects such as english maths & science in rough schools.

    If you are a technical trade then there is even a special degree for you, in teaching physics.
    have a gander at the OU site
  5. If you already have a first degree, your best option is the GTP scheme. Pays you about 15 grand in the first year while you are effectively doing on-the-job training then qualified teachers scale (about 22 grand with an annual pay increment) the second year, providing you pass the course.
  6. You need a degree and a GCSE at C or above in English and Maths. And it must be a GCSE.

    Register with the TDA (Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) - Home) and when the TTT thing gets going you will be informed.

    If you can get on the DTTT course (in particular modules a and b)(a requirement for instructing in Ph 1 and 2 est now I beleive) they will take that as evidence of you being half way competant (doesn't mean that much mind).
  7. We had a Sgt first aide instructor in basic who was drummed out of his previous teaching career for kiddy fiddling, he was a Wright **** (and I didn't spell that wrongly!), strange how those wheels, once reinvented, tend to turn!
  8. I beleive that he wouldn't be a basic training instructor now. IIRC BSTBC for Phase 1 AND 2 now you need to pass a CRB, I would think being a nonce would rule that out.

    Oddly enough chaps, back to the TDA, although the chappy on the end of th ephone was quite interested in the DTTT (modules a + B) qual he wasn't envigoured by my mention of CTLLS... even though I got that on the same course :s

    Troops to teaching - Get into teaching - TDA

    Be warned if you have a low degree (2:2 or below) you wont get much finanical assistance in training, 2:1 gets you some and a first gets you the most (depending on subject).

    That said, it is believed that TTT entry may not be affected by baseline on degree results (currently they are looking implementing a 2:1 base) as the pot-teacher will have lots of other skills, already earnt, etc. We'll have to see.

    But most LCpl and Cpl Instructors I know would run rings around most of the NQTs and TUTs I seem to have run in to so far.

    And guys... EDIP remember EDIP. I sat through a lecture recently on getting ALL the class to learn and various learning techniques for different learning styles. A civvie teach the teacher lunatic actually came out with the civvie version of EDIP as 'new and cutting edge', I actually nearly choked trying not to giggle.
  9. The US version is pretty good (I know 3 who now teach) and they expanded to Helmets to Hardhats- Unions taking on discharged veterans for jobs like iron workers, welders, masons, etc.
  10. This was one of the main factors that led to me starting my PGCE in September and not going with my original plan of getting some more school experience before applying for this year. My subject, chemistry, was still subject to a half decent bursary, and with a 2:2 it wasn't clear what financial help would be available when they shake it up according to degree level this year. With a wife and kids there's no way I could do it without the financial support.
    Starting full time in my second placement school on Monday.
  11. Cheers Codger

    What do you mean the government will pay the rest, all I have found out is that I can get a student loan for the tuition fees, the trouble Im having is getting funding for maintenance costs that I could possibly have if it was a full time course.
  12. If you have a degree already when you leave the service you can apply to do a PGCE which attracts a £9000 training bursary for key subjects-Maths and Science others I recall get £7000.

    GTP will pay you as you do your placement but it will not qualify you to teach in Scotland where they have a different system but PGCE will.

    One route is the OU PGCE, which I did in my last year, but the downside is if you live in rural areas such as Salisbury plain area then partner schools to do your placements can be hard to come by (I actually found my own school myself) but if you are close to an urban area you will have better luck. The downside is you will not recieve any money while studying apart from the usual maintainence loans. But if you can do your needs analysis placement at your 21 year point and use any spare leave to attend you will need two weeks, you can if lucky do your level 1 placement-4 weeks- and level 2-6 weeks IIRC- to fit in with your resettlement and termination leave.

    If you can use your gratuity to pay your mortgage and hopusehold bills for 12 months you can fit in your final level 3 placement-10 weeks- in that first year out in the real world. If you can get HGV 1 or already have it then you can do agency driving to supplement your income while you study the modules between placements.

    Ideally if you wish to pursue this route yopu want to aim to do your final placement in the Xams term so you can finish your final portfolio by end of january and send it off. it will take a month or two to get the letter from TDA granting Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which will be by March or so. This is when the job market gets busy again as schools will be looking to recruit for a September start and you will be qualified ready to go. If you get QTS at the end of summer do not despair it is during the winter term-Sep to Dec is when schools look for maternity covers for a couple of terms.

    This is an advantage as if you can get a maternity cover which starts in january, which I did, it will give you a head start on the NQT's who will finish in April looking for work as you will have some time at the chalkface under your belt.

    If you need to know more PM me and i will be glad to offer any help and advice into entering teaching. I have been there done it and got the QTS certificate ( no t shirt).
  13. And while you are in, see if a local Cadet mob fancies you popping over during the summer camp or similar.

    Angle for a instructional post and ensure to jot all that down. Train at RMAS all you like but the TDA don't see it as dealing with kids... but a few weeks on summer camp with 15 yo cadets ont eh other hand is a bit more like it.